Student couple discusses journey toward relationship

Denver Smith and Jordan Sealey (pictured L-R) described themselves as a team, they see each other as equal and see their future together blossoming into something more than they could have imagined.
Photo Submitted by Denver Smith.

Many friends meet on the campus of Florida A&M University, and those relationships soon blossom into something beautiful, allowing people to find their life long partners.  For pre-physical therapy student, Denver Smith and construction engineering student, Jordan Sealey, this seems to be the case.

Smith and Sealey described themselves as a team. They see each other as one and can see their future together blossoming into something more than they could have ever imagined. Both students are heavily involved on campus, which can lead to both praise and scrutiny from onlookers. Smith believes that being in the public eye and serving the university was important for them to grow together and have each other's back when no one else would.

“Being at FAMU and experiencing the good and the bad together has honestly helped our relationship,” Smith explained.

Smith and Sealey met outside of Potbelly’s Bar in the spring of 2016 where Sealey recalled asking for Smith’s number.  “I'm on some ‘Aye get ready in 40 minutes, we getting lunch [or] dinner’,” Sealy noted. Though Sealey said Smith went with it, she admitted that she was just being nice at the time.

As their relationship began to grow, so did their presence on campus. While Smith served as the Student Government Association’s Chief of Staff, Sealey led his reign as the 18th Mr. FAMU. Smith enjoyed having Sealey as her boyfriend while he was Mr. FAMU since it made events run a bit smoother.

“So I would have him hosting the event, but I coordinated and approved the event while I was the Chief of Staff,” Smith noted. “It made it easier to understand and deal with a man like him and more admirable.”

The couple also went on recruitment trips and served the campus together. Since both had prominent leadership roles on campus, they were able to grow individually.

However, the spotlight also brings negativity to a relationship. Being popular on campus puts everyone in your life and business. Sealey believed the couple’s relationship have a strong foundation, which is why they survived the rumors.  

“A lot of rumors were made and an abundance of individuals were vindictive towards our happiness for various reasons,” detailed Sealey.

Some would say that being in a relationship could cause distractions from school and create chaos.

For the underclassmen at FAMU, Sealey recommends them to explore all options and build relationships with their colleagues before jumping into a relationship or pursuing someone in a serious manner.

While love may come and go, it is worth noting everything happens for a reason. Smith said love looks differently to each person who finds it.

“True love is wanting to see that person become the best version of themselves and to be that support system, escape, and safe place for that to happen, Jordan is that to me,” Smith admitted.

Lorren Love, a business administration student, has been a friend of Denver for a number of years and believes that the couple os inspirational and a great example of a healthy union.

“Denver and Jordan’s relationship is the epitome of black love. I have seen them blossom from friends to partners,” expressed Love. “They have also made it through all obstacles thrown at them.”

While the couple can only focus on one day at a time, both plan to spend it together. Smith and Sealey said they see themselves in the next seven years drinking water, eating healthy, and always together.