Rattlers turn out for Declaration Sunday

Student filled the seats of the grand ball room to root for their fellow peers.
Photo Submitted by Oldens Lafortune.

As the student leaders of Florida A&M University prepare to finish their terms as presidents, attendants and royal court members, FAMU welcomes new ones.

Students and supporters filled the seats of FAMU’s Grand Ballroom Sunday evening for the spring 2019 Declaration of Candidacy.

The presentation featured speeches by candidates running for Student Senate positions, Student Government Association president and vice president, as well as royal court positions.

Students and friends showed support by rooting for their fellow classmates who were running.

Arianna Reamey, a member of the Electoral Commission and student at FAMU, says she loved the fact the students came out.

“Rattler pride was definitely in the building,” Reamey said. “As the EC, we love when friends come out and support one another for these campaigns.”

The FAMU Electoral Commission is responsible for supervising campus elections, registering students to vote and encouraging students to vote for school, local and national elections, according to orgsnyc.com

Their mission is to promote and enforce election codes.

Oshiana Mathis, who’s also a member of the Electoral Commission, says that she hopes the student candidates can encourage the students to vote in this year’s election.

“We’re looking for them to engage the student body in a way they haven’t been engaged before,” Mathis said. “We want a large number of the student body to come out and vote, so they know that their voices are heard, and the decisions are in their hands like never before.”

Reamey said that the EC is looking for a “positive, clean, and well ran campaign for those who truly want it and for those who are truly ready to work.”

Candidates will be campaigning, going through pageant practice, as well as showcasing their platforms in a forum debate until election day. Spring election day will be Feb. 26.

Many Rattlers are looking forward to seeing their fellow classmates run for their respective positions.

Taylor Gent, student at FAMU, says that she’s looking forward to all the events that the candidates will be holding during this campaigning period.

“This is one of the most interesting times in the school year,” Gent said. “I love seeing the competitiveness of every candidate. For some reason, the vibe around campus is great.”

The candidates selected in this year’s election will serve in their respective positions during the 2019-2020 school year.