Two FAMU students, one pop-up shop

Richard Anderson and Philipp Cheron collaborated for their pop-up shop.
Photo Courtesy of Maya DuBois.

Between juggling classes at Florida A&M and owning their own clothing lines, Philipp Cheron and Richard Anderson are two busy young men.

Friday night, the two student-entrepreneurs collaborated for a joint pop-up shop.

Cheron, a senior general health science major, and Anderson, a senior public relations major, each took an interest in fashion a few years ago.

The pop-up at The Luxe on West Call Street allowed customers to purchase Evolve and Phileo Co. merchandise while socializing and enjoying complimentary wine and food.

“I still consider myself new to the area so I used to be fearful if people would rock with my line or not considering I did not know many people,” said Anderson. “This is my fourth pop-up shop and Phil’s first. I’m very proud of the amount of work we put into pulling this event off. We used our own bread to make this happen and I’m very satisfied with the turnout and amount of support we have received.”

The event showcased limited Valentine’s Day collections as well as other products from their lines.

Both of the young men decided that they wanted to invest in themselves and become their own boss.

“In 2015 after I stopped playing basketball, I felt like I wasn’t doing anything. I wanted to change my environment. So I figured out what I wanted to do as a hobby and became an entrepreneur,” said Cheron.

Anderson has a similar philosophy.

“I knew in the 10th grade that I wanted to own something because I believe in ownership and equity. I don’t consider people bosses if they don’t own something and put their own bread up,” he said.

Anderson’s line Evolve is centered on evolving into a better version of yourself and consists of a variety of urban streetwear clothing.

“I love being a designer because it allows me to meet new people and express what my brand means. I really don’t try to stand up-to-date with the latest trends and fashion. I stay in my own lane. I’m not focused on the fashion I’m more-so focused on trying to get others to understand the concept behind my line,” Cheron said.

Phileo Co., created by Cheron, is  Greek for one love. The “x” in the logo represents pain whether it be dealing with a relationship whether it be platonic or nonsexual. The compass in the logo means if you ever fall out of love, love will always find its way back to you.

Aaron Roberson, a sophomore business administration major, shared his thoughts on the event.

“The pop up shop was amazing from the ambience to the vibe, everything was just perfect,” said Roberson.

To purchase their merchandise, you can find their products on their social media handles @phileobanks and @evolvestreetwear_