Renovations underway at south-side schools

Construction site of Fairview Middle School where new administrative offices are being constructed. 
Photo Submitted by by Myeisha Gibson.

Two popular public schools on Tallahassee’s south side, Fairview Middle School and Rickards High School, have recently received much-needed money to upgrade areas of their campuses.

Both Fairview and Rickards cater to minorities and students who live on the city’s south side.

Prior to being granted money, the Leon County School District sought to build a new school on the south side that would take the place of both Fairview and Rickards.

Superintendent Rocky Hanna said the district will not have to borrow any money for these projects. After meetings with the Leon County School Board, Hanna granted both schools money to renovate their campus and was eager to fulfill “empty promises” made in the past by district leadership.

Rickards received $35 million to revamp its campus. Newer classrooms, an amphitheater-like courtyard and athletic fields will be part of the renovation project.

Principal Douglas Cook said, “The renovations begin summer 2018 and we are looking forward to great results. We also are very happy to have dollars put into Rickards High School which was built in 1960 so that we can upgrade our campus.”

Renovations at Rickards are set to be finished by fall 2021.

Fairview Middle School is just a few miles away from Rickards.

With the money it has received from the district  it is building new administration offices, renovating the gym, cafeteria and expanding the parking lot.

“This middle school was built in the 70’s and has been neglected in recent years in its looks. Recently Hanna decided to put money into our school to bring it up to standards and we are really looking forward to it,” said principal Scott Hansen.

“Our gym will be the best in the county, and our final outcome will be a safer, more organized campus,” Hansen added.

Renovations at Fairview are set to be finished in just a few months.

Aisha Hooks, a graduate of both Fairview and Rickards, said: “After many years, I am proud to hear of these projects being in place. I would have never imagined this and can’t wait to see the results.”

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