Thurman, a gifted musician

Khyree Thurman is making his presence felt at FAMU.
Photo courtesy of Khyree Thurman

Standing at 6-foot-6, you might assume that 20-year-old Khyree Thurman’s interest would be in sports. But that's not the case.

The young talented musician from Miami was born on July 5, 1998. Thurman has always had a passion for music. He first started playing music his freshman year of high school. After doing small performances and gaining a heightened sense of musicality, Thurman picked up other instruments such as saxophones, piano, trumpet, french horn, tuba, clarinet and others.

Thurman received many awards for superior performances at the solos and ensembles evaluation for the state of Florida before coming to FAMU to major in instrumental music education.

"The first student recitals performance that I had helped me overcome stage fright and gave me a massive confidence boost resulting in me being able to always perform academically, musically and also socially on the spot,” he said.

Upon arriving at FAMU Thurman joined different organizations such as Images modeling troupe, Attack dance troupe, Groove 87, the school’s house band, and Harmonic Minors Men’s club. Despite being so involved he managed to find refuge in his music.

Some of his events include everything from playing with the Latin Jazz Band in the Orange Room, one of FAMU’s cafeterias, to playing for former president Bill Clinton for his visit to FAMU.

Naomi Preston, Thurman’s close friend, is impressed with his musicianship.

”Khyree is a very accomplished individual. It makes me happy to see everything he can accomplish throughout each semester,” she said.

Thurman loves to practice playing different instruments. In his spare time he goes rock climbing and skateboarding.

He takes a lot of pride in his organizational skills and his ability to remain consistent.

“When I was a kid, I would always get mad but instead of expressing my anger by emotional outburst I retreated to listening to music,” Thurman said. “I used to listen to music to ease my mind and process my emotions.”

He said his family never once hesitated to support him along his journey as a musician.

Keisha Culmer, Thurman’s mother, said, “I love my son and whatever he decides to do I will always support him. I’m honestly proud that we share the same passion and I'm also happy that he has built this personal relationship with music and is making it his own.”

After college Thurman plans on pursuing a career in music education, teaching music theory for either college or high school students. He also plans on developing his own brand and music production company. He  also is thinking about starting a clothing line. Thurman says that as long as he has God, his support team and his own will to be great, he cannot be stopped.