StoveTopGwalla heating up

One of FAMU student  Marlhy Jeudy's  most popular dishes is the beef patty.
Photo submitted by Kha'Mari Mitchell.

Being a jack of all trades, Marlhy Jeudy decided to put one of her many talents to use.

Cooking is no longer just a side business for Jeudy. At the young age of 23 she's balancing being a full-time social work student at Florida A&M University and also starting a food business in Tallahassee via social media, It is flourishing and now branching off into catering as well. 

Jeudy would've never imagined that starting StoveTopGwalla on Instagram in July 2018 would be the beginning to another career. Growing up her family owned a Haitian restaurant in Miami, and food has always been second nature.

“My mom cooks everyday for my dad always has so I definitely got used to seeing that,” Jeudy said. “Im not gonna say they weren't really around because I was at the restaurant as well but just being home a lot I cooked for myself or the family and it just started from there.”

Relocating to Tallahassee to attend FAMU Jeudy realized that being a college student wasn't going to be easy money-wise. Friends who already knew how talented she was in the kitchen gave her the idea to start a side business to make a profit by selling plates. Starting off with a simple menu and reasonable prices Jeudy used Instagram to get her name out to students at every college campus in Tallahassee.

“I realized people don't really make home cooked meals in Tallahassee like that. I also wanted to make some extra cash and all my friends kept saying you should sell plates, you should sell plates so I figured I might as well do it,” Jeudy said. “Hey, I love to cook so it’s easy.”

Kayla Bronson, a junior health management major, was satisfied with every meal from StoveTopGwalla.

“Im not used to patties and other Caribbean food but oh my I love her patties,” Bronson said.

Jeudy hopes to attend culinary school and run her family restaurant. She also plans on opening her own restraint in Miami that will specialize in American-Haitian cuisine. Being Haitian Jeudy certainly let’s her culture and background play a major role in the way she cooks, utilizing similar spices in a lot of her dishes. She hopes to also learn how to perfect more Haitian meals.

Philipp Cheron a close friend of Jeudy’s who has watched her progress over the years, had nothing but positive words to share.

“For as long as I've known Marhly ever since my freshman year of high school, she's loved to do things and spread her talents with others, whether she was doing photography , makeup or lashes  everyone would just always go to Marhly,” Cheron said. “She’s always been a young hustler and go-getter so when she came out with StoveTopGwalla I seen things change for her and just watched her grow since spring 2018 the sky is not the limit with Marlhy”

StoveTopGwalla can be found on Instagram and is open on the weekends. Jeudy is coming out with a set schedule for hungry college students. Her beef patties start at just $3. You can also find StoveTopGwalla catering local events around Tallahassee such as Finding Love to Evolve pop-up shop at 9 p.m. Friday at The Luxe on West Call Street.