Simpson strives to make Tallahassee healthier

Denise Simpson- Health Consultant.
Photo courtesy of Denise Simpson.

A long and healthy life is the goal for many, but not everyone can achieve it without a bit of help.

Denise Simpson is a Tallahassee-based health and wellness coach and author whose life passion is to help people live their best life as clean and green as possible. She carries out this passion every day through her business, My Life Healthy. But a healthy life doesn’t start overnight.

Reflecting on her youth, Simpson recalls herself being quite athletic and active. Simpson also jokes about her need for green — and not money exactly.

“I was the one that when they had Thanksgiving dinner, they didn’t want me to cook because I only wanted salads,” she said.

Simpson’s mission does not only focus on clean eating but stable emotional health as well.

“If you just have a habit of always eating those [bad] foods, some of it is emotional eating and that means that there is some other things that might be eating you that you’re not even aware of. You’re dealing with past hurts or triggers and every time you get a trigger then your reaction is to eat something,” Simpson said.

Coach Denise, as some call her, has touched many lives including that of Wanda Martin.

Martin explains her journey: “Denise was there every step of the way. I live in Texas. The conference calls, texts and group page, it was a daily communication. Providing menu choices, recipes, exercises and the visual aids were all great.”

My Life Healthy has played a part in many miracle stories. At times even seeing pain from prior health diagnoses reduced. 

“Coach Denise is awesome, I wanted my life healthier and she didn't mind sharing how I can be free from rhabdomyolysis and pain. I can't wait to try my new tea and my new health plan, thanks Coach Denise,” said Yarnell Mathis, in her review of My Life Healthy.

My Life Healthy offers many things to anyone trying to maintain or lose those dreaded pounds. Wellness groups and encouraging videos are available to help keep Simpson’s clients on track.

Simpson hopes to grow her healthy fit business this year. She plans to expand her reach by diving deeper into media with a podcast. Providing the tools and encouragement if clients don’t have the time to read tips from her book or go meet for an appointment.

Simpson continues her effort to make the Tallahassee area and abroad healthier in “mind, body and spirit.”