CBD oil an option for medical marijuana patients

Cannabis oil is another option medical marijuana users can use for their treatment.
Photo courtesy of capetowntravel.com

As the medical marijuana industry continues to rise in Florida, so does the use of cannabis oil.

CBD is the second major cannabinoid found in cannabis. It is extracted from the plant and comes out in a liquid state. The CBD oil used in place of medical marijuana comes with high levels of THC, unlike oils that come from hemp which have little to no THC.

CBD oil can be smoked in the form of a vape or cooked into something called an edible. Like its counterpart, marijuana, cannabis oil combats the same kind of pain and conditions that qualify one to use medical marijuana.

A representative at Trulieve, the medical marijuana dispensary in Tallahassee, was able to confirm what patients get out of the CBD oils. 

“Patients use the oil for many reasons. Some of them use it to help reduce anxiety, it helps with epilepsy and others use it to increase their appetite,” said the representative, who asked to not be identified because he had not been cleared to speak on behalf of the company.

This was just a small list of what the oil can help with.

Another representative referenced a particular story involving a young child with severe epilepsy. Her seizures were terrible and dozens of treatments were used but nothing really helped. One of the last options her parents had was cannabis oil.

The cannabis oil changed her life forever. Before the oil, Charlotte Figi was unable to walk and her speech was slurred, but since using the oil she has flourished and now lives like most regular children.  

One of the benefits of using an oil is avoiding the smell that comes along with traditional smoking. Marijuana has a very distinct smell and can oftentimes linger. With an oil there is virtually no smell and no residue left over.

Trulieve doesn't offer edibles but it has said it is the process of doing so. Many places across the country do, especially in areas that have legalized marijuana for recreational use. As for medical purposes, the cannabis oil inside of an edible can benefit certain patients who may have a problem with inhaling a vape that may be too strong on their lungs.

Medical cannabis oil goes through a long process to ensure it is a clean product before sending out to patients. It is a distillery type process and it takes a number of machines to get the job done and is officially ready to use.

Patients who use medical marijuana can choose between the cannabis oil or the conventional option.