This FAMU freshman ‘beats’ the competition

FAMU freshman Tyriq Stewart is a biology major who specializes in making beats.
Photo Submitted by Tyriq Stewart.

Tyriq Stewart has a not so hidden talent.

The freshman biology major at Florida A&M is making a name for himself mastering a different kind of science — music beats.

Born and raised in West Palm Beach, Stewart has been showcasing his talents and love for music production since his early teens.

Stewart, who has been playing drums since the sixth grade, started making beats around ninth grade. At the time he thought he was not making any progress but in reality, he was wrong.

He officially started making beats his senior year of high school and since then he has been getting a lot of attention from various artists.

When asked why he did not pursue his degree in music or music industry at FAMU, Stewart said:

”Music has been a big influence in my life. I love everything about music and everything that it may bring. As a musician, I kind of already had a grasp of how music works.

"I’ve been crafting my skills with music since I was in middle school. I eat, breathe and sleep music,” he added. “I have continued my passion for music here at Florida A & M University by utilizing my time management skills and at times collaborating with my fellow peers on campus. With all of the experience I've accumulated growing up whether it be from my mentors or self-taught, I felt there was no need for me to get my degree in music.”

Many, from local artists to even artists who are known in the music industry such as 350Heem, TJ Banks, GlokkNine, have purchased his beats.

“When I first met Ty, I met him Tyriq Stewart ‘Bio Pre-Med Student.’ Now, I know him as TyHuncho or Ty2x up and coming Producer and bio pre-med student. He has come a long way in my opinion. When I first started listening to him make beats I thought I was good, but now a semester later I think he is great. He has a real talent for making music/beats. He is so versatile, literally can do it all. I’ve seen him make a beat in six minutes. I don’t know anyone else that can do it like he does. This is just the start for him and I know he has a bright future ahead of him. Whether it is a doctor or a producer maybe both. Anything he puts his head to he can do it,“ said Shantonio Rudgel, a freshman culinary student at Tallahassee Community College, and friend of Stewart’s.

Stewart won a beat competition against three of the top producers in Tallahassee. The competition consisted of making a beat from scratch in  five minutes. He won bragging rights at the competition, free studio time, and the opportunity to network with different artists. The studio he visited had major artists such as Kodak Black and KeyGlock recording in Tallahassee.

Tovah Lovely, a FAMU alum and mentor to Stewart, said, "It takes a special and dedicated person to make the progress that he has made in the time he has with his resources. He never settles for mediocrity and it shows in his music. Watching Tyriq grow up from middle school through college I know he is on the right track. Especially being that he chose to attend FAMU which was my alma mater, it will give him the right connections he needs not only with producing his beats but also in his area of study. I know it is only going to get better from here.”

Stewart is working on an album that he will be releasing soon exclusively produced by himself. It will feature different artists around the state. He plans to become an anesthesiologist after he graduates from the university as well as continue to advance with his talents in making beats.