Skip the cost of love on Valentine’s Day

Publix Super Market Valentines display
Photo Submitted by Breyanna Holmes.

It’s the month of February/ Love is in the air, and prices are going up. On Valentine’s Day it is cheaper to stay in than go out. Hotel rates, restaurants, flowers, rental cars and a box of chocolate will all increase in value on the day of Valentines.

“Valentine’s Day is an overpriced holiday. I’ve been bachelor of the year since 2007. I’m single as hell and I’ll be at the house watching Netflix on Valentine’s Day,” said Kenneth Ashely.

Valentine’s Day is Feb. 14, and companies are already marketing Valentines theme displays in local stores. Walmart has enormous size bears in a box in the middle of the aisle priced over the amount of $50. Publix has flowers on display with Valentines quotes on balloons attached to the flowers in the center of the store. Also, Target has Valentines theme cards, candy, party accessories, facemasks in the shape of hearts and wine in colors pink and red displayed in the entrance of the store. Target even has a seasonal section focus on Valentine’s Day in the back of the store.  

“Valentine’s Day is just a regular day, it’s not a day just to show love because it’s 364 days in a year. It’s like what does the rest of the days mean if your only getting treated special on that one day? We are supposed to show love throughout the year and not just on a special day,” said Dunyell Adams.  

Restaurants aren’t preparing meals with love, care and understanding on Valentine’s Day. Many restaurants end all sales on the night of Valentine’s Day.  Applebee’s Grill + Bar did not have a sale on Valentine’s Day last year or the year before, according to employee Adam Shane.

“It’s better to take your time and cook a good meal at home, so it’s prepared the right way. At a restaurant they are going to hit you over the head with all kinds of ridiculous prices because they know it’s a special holiday and they are there to make money,” said Amelia Miller.

Due to the high value of orders on Valentine’s Day customers aren’t able to receive fast service at restaurants. The waiting area at most restaurants on Valentine’s Day are over crowed and noisy. There always seem to be no tables or parking spots available because it is limited.

Amelia Miller is a money saver on Valentine’s Day. She has been married for 24 years and she eats in and enjoys her husbands’ company on the special day to save money. At the beginning of their marriage the couple would spend money on Valentines expenses. However, these last five years they have been saving money. This long-lasting couple has known each other for 26 years and has been married for 24 years.  

“I don’t want to get in the crowd and have to wait two or three hours here and there on a table or for food. People are so impatient orders get rushed and places are trying to get all of the money they can get,” said Miller.