Election season underway at FAMU

Photo Courtesy of FAMU's Electoral Commission. 

Florida A&M’s student body electoral races are approaching with this year’s theme “Rattlers on the Run II.”  Students will be running campaigns for Miss and Mr. FAMU, Student Government Association president and vice-president, sophomore attendant, junior attendant, senior attendant, electoral commissioner, and junior senator.

Individuals started picking up their packets for declaration of candidacy at 9 a.m. Monday and an unofficial list of candidates filing for office will be posted on the election bulletin board at 6 p.m. this Wednesday. Candidates will then declare publicly at the Candidates Meeting, which is being held at 6:30 p.m. Sunday in the Grand Ballroom.

Dead days then follow until the first day of the campaign period on Feb. 20.

SGA President David Jackson is looking forward to the upcoming elections. “Being that I’m currently the SGA president, this race is always going to spark my attention. I’m very excited to see who will emerge victorious being that I have a good relationship with all of the prospective candidates running, and think they can all brig a positive contribution to the university in some shape, way or form,” he said.

“Remain yourself. A lot of people think you have to act a certain way because of a position, but I believe that students want people to genuinely be themselves and bring their own distinct charisma and leadership to the position. Don’t get so hung up within the position that you forget why we ultimately came to college, which is of course to graduate and go on to make meaningful contributions to the world,” he added.

The Miss Florida A&M University race started in 1953 with Mona Humphries Bailey being the first Miss FAMU. All prior campus queens held the titles as Miss Florida A&M College. Mr. FAMU did not join the court until 2000 and Charles Wesley Lattimore, Jr. held that title. William Ballon held the title as the first SGA president and his race was held in 1949.

Annie Moore, electoral commissioner, wants to be sure candidates follow the correct rules and regulations. “I would advise that candidates read through the declaration of candidacy packet thoroughly and become familiar with the elections codes (Chapter 600 of the Student Body Documents) so that they know and understand election rules and procedures. Also, have fun! Meet new people value this experience because there is nothing like election season at FAMU.”

Students will be allowed to vote for candidates at their respective precincts on Election Day, Feb. 26 from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m.