This alumna empowers other women

Photo Submitted by DeTroyia Hardy.

A conversation is defined as an exchange of data between two or more people, in which news and ideas are shared. Conversations allow the parties involved to discuss information given and received.

Tamarrah Tarver believes life and death is in the power of the tongue. Therefore, the things we say to ourselves and each other has power to be either fruitful or deadly.

Tarver, known as Dr. T, is a two-time Florida A&M University graduate, receiving both her bachelor’s and master’s degrees in psychology. She later received her doctorate degree in Christian counseling.

After facing extreme levels of depression due to an unexpected divorce, Dr. T has been able create Pretty Girl World, LLC (PGW), a women's empowerment movement used to motivate women spiritually, mentally, financially and sexually.

“The name is beyond physical aesthetics. When you hear the word pretty your mind takes you to what someone looks like on the external but pretty supersedes that. It is really about your character and reflecting the fruit of the spirit and of Christ,” said Dr. T. “There is no reason to focus on the outside when your inside is all messed up.”

Dr. T  unknowingly birthed PGW while going through a divorce. Her hard times led her to want to help women who may be going through similar situations. 

Photo Submitted by DeTroyia Hardy.

“I realized enough is enough. I was down to $13.99, I will never forget. It was in that place where I found God again,” said Dr. T.

PGW is most known for its 12-city women empowerment conferences. Atlanta and Fort Lauderdale are the most popular, bringing in more than 400 women. With over six years’ experience, Dr. T has been able to inspire women by addressing “topics such as spirituality, sexuality, relationships, finances, and other issues that women face.”

To add a twist on the PGW conferences, Pretty Conversations was added to the mix to give women and guest speakers the opportunity to communicate freely.

Since being a student at FAMU, Dr. T relates to the daily issues college women face as well. She decided to bring PGW to the capital city to communicate with young women as well.  Pretty Conversations- Tallahassee took place Saturday at the Student Union at Tallahassee Community College.

In attendance was Shanekquah Bellamy, student at TCC who aspires to be a motivational speaker. She attended Pretty Conversations to not only gain advice but to grasp skills to perfect her craft as well.

“I want to be able to do things like this and to talk with other women,” said Bellamy. “I always communicate with people I know but as far as venturing out, I want to learned how to talk with other women about their problems without them or me feeling shy.”

The Pretty Conversations panel discussion featured Dr. T, Delarice Clarke Tehrani and Staci Kizer.

“I’m glamorous but I’m a real person. What you see is what you get,” said Tehrani.

Tehrani is a model, actress and host. She is also the founder of The Boutique Ministry (a women's marriage ministry) and the co-founder of Couture Lips along with her twin sister Delpha Clarke Samuels. She currently holds the title of Miss North Florida, United States. Her passion for the media industry has allowed her to be on the Steve Harvey Show three times.

“I was in a lot of bad relationships before I got married,” Tehrani said. “Those bad relationships taught me a lot about myself and what not to do.”

Kizer is a former wife who enjoys sharing advice with women who may seek knowledge in failed relationships and marriages.

“My journey of situations has made me who I am today. It's not easy but it grooms you ultimately into a better woman,” said Kizer.

The PGW team is gearing up for the Fifth Annual Pretty Girl Experience conference set to take place in Atlanta on Friday Aug. 9.

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