Metz improves non-meat options at FAMU

Photo courtesy of Metz website.

Veganism has taken the millennial generation by storm. According to, 70 percent of the world population is decreasing meat consumption or giving up meat all together. This shift is evident across the country as different food establishments are introducing their new and improved black bean burger, veggie wraps, and tofu options.

This new found phenomenon is also sweeping across Florida A&M University’s campus.

Metz has been criticized in the past due to the lack of vegan options. As we remember the infamous “F*** Metz” video posted on YouTube that went viral on social media within the FAMU community. The video is of YouTuber “OgPatsy,” who was highly upset that her vegan diet was tarnished due to the fact that baked beans provided in the cafeteria contained pork without notice.

As a response, Metz now provides warning signs of common allergens such as meat, dairy, soy, nuts, etc.

There are numerous dining facilities on campus: Rattlers Nest, The Wandering Chef, Presidents Dining Room, Chick-fil-A, Poblanos, Starbucks, Tropical Smoothie, Pizza Express, The Chopping Block, Wing Stop, and the Residence Dining Hall.

Of these, Metz has added more vegan options to Tropical Smoothie, Pizza Express, The Chopping Block itself and the Residence Dining Hall.

At Tropical Smoothie, there is a new beyond meat offered replacing what traditionally would be chicken. This can be substituted in any sandwich with no extra charge.

“We do have a hummus bowl and a hummus wrap. Those are some of the options that are very healthy and a part of the healthy campaigns we are doing now. We [also] have the beyond meat where you can add it to the different types of sandwiches,” Kenny Strong, the general manager for Metz, said.

In addition, at Pizza Express, there is now vegan cheese offered. One can build their own pizza with vegan cheese and add vegetable options. There is also beyond meat offered here replacing what is traditionally beef. Also, try the cheesy bread sticks that are also offered with vegan cheese with a side of marinara sauce.

“One of the options we have in our Pizza Express is the vegan pizza where we do have a choice of different veggie type toppings, as well as we do have a Beyond meat as well as the cheese that goes with it,” Strong added.

When the bottom cafeteria was renovated over the summer, there was a new addition of the salad bar. This offers a build your own salad bar, which is always vegan friendly.

“On my salad option, which is the Chopping Block, we do have quinoa, which is another healthy option that you can use as a vegan deal,” Strong said.

Offered in the top cafeteria is the common black bean burger and fries at J. Clark’s Grille, The Main Plate almost always offers a vegan or vegetarian option as an alternative to its main protein, the Green Scene is always vegan friendly to build your own salad, Bravo! offers fresh cooked ingredients which frequently includes a pasta with tofu alternative, and the Market Street Deli allows students to build their own sandwich offering vegan-friendly bread and an array of fresh vegetables.

In addition, The Wandering Chef, PDR and the Rattlers Nest each offer black bean burgers and fries. As well as the vegan friendly Poblanos where a student can build their own burrito or rice bowl.