How to beat Jack Frost

Photo Submitted by C.J. Bryant.

In the hilly North Florida city of Tallahassee, the winters can be bitter. It can be a jarring change in climate if you are from other parts of Florida or a familiar feeling if you are from further north. Regardless of where you’re from, you are probably trying to combat the cold –- and the good news is you don’t have to be put on the ropes.

We all love our fur balls and toothy creatures but even they need our help from the cold. has a few tips to help your pets out such as: checking your pet’s water bowl to make sure it is not frozen, upping your feeding so your pet’s body has more energy to keep warm, and holding off on cutting your pet’s long coat.

Also, bathe your animals inside and don’t let them out until they are fully dry. Consider pet clothing like socks and jackets. They’re fashionable and functional.

Your vehicle may also be shivering. Purchase winter blend wiper fluid that has a lower freezing temperature. Your tire pressure can also drop proportionately with the temperature so be sure to fill them with air.

Your apartment or dorm is the last place you want the cold to invade. If your roommate is a polar bear that doesn’t like the heater on or you can’t control your own thermostat, a heated blanket may be a good investment. You can also use clear plastic wrap around your window seals to keep the wind out.

Drink warm liquids to keep you heated. The cold hates layers, so layer your blankets and clothing as you see fit. If all else fails, get all your roommates together in one room to make that room the warmest with people power as suggests.

We might as well bring science into this as well. has the heat. Shivering is your body telling you that you need to get somewhere warmer fast. You’ll know if you’ve reached moderate hypothermia if you suddenly stop shivering. That’s your body giving up on a heating method that is no longer working.

Eat more calories (like your pet) so you have more to burn off for heat, but don’t eat your pet. Hibernating animals know what they’re doing.

If you like reverse psychology, try reverse physiology. Hang out in the cold more often and your body will adapt to it making you warmer than you would usually be in the same temperature.

The one factoid nobody wants to hear is that alcohol will lower your core temperature.

Finally, remember that babies and the elderly are less able to withstand the cold than a spry young college kid. Take extra precautions to keep your kids and older family members. More hugs perhaps.

Now that you have these tips, you’re ready to give ol’ Jack Frost the one-two combo finisher.