Campus safety: A concern and a priority

Photo courtesy of FAMU PD.

Florida A&M University’s Police Department aims to make sure that FAMU’s campus is as safe as possible.

According to the most recently published Annual Security Report & Fire Safety Guide, located on the FAMU Department of Safety & Security website, the total number of crimes reported on the main campus in 2017 was 87, up from 76 in 2016. That represents a 14.47 percent increase from 2016 to 2017.

“The primary crime on our campus is theft, at the moment,” Terence Calloway, FAMU’s police chief, said.

Robyn Seniors, FAMU’s Student Government Association vice president, is not happy about the crime on campus. That statistic is not moving in the direction that she would like. She said she’s concerned but is working to make sure the crime decreases. She urges the university to take additional steps into making sure the campus becomes safe.

“I think the university should continue to invest in mobile apps, hardware systems and programs geared toward implementing comprehensive safety and security strategies,” Seniors said. “Specifically,  the university should enhance the FAMU mobile app by implementing a campus security module that enables students and other users to automatically transmit their location and easily notify law enforcement and designated contacts when they feel unsafe.”

FAMU has been developing ways for students to be and feel safe on campus, no matter what time of the day it is.

“We are developing a safe team in conjunction with SGA,”  William Hudson, Jr., FAMU’s vice president of student affairs, said.

“We communicate with students concerning campus safety via FAMU Info, new student orientation, residence hall presentations and more campus visibility, and public service announcements.”

If people are traveling late at night on campus, Calloway urges students and faculty to make sure they travel in groups and keep their belongings locked away and out of sight.

“Students should always be aware of their surroundings, try to walk about campus with another person, don’t leave valuables in plain view in cars. Lock their car doors. Call FAMU’s police department if you do not feel safe walking around campus. If they see something, say something,” Calloway said. “Installing the FAMU mobile app for easy access to campus safety information, and spending the time necessary to become informed about crime statistics on campus, close to campus and across the city.”

Students and faculty can call (850) 599-3256 and a police officer will come to your location on campus.