Insulin price increases causing issues

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A recent increase in the price for insulin is limiting some Americans from being able to afford medication and supplies for Type-1 diabetes.

Type-1 diabetics  all over the United States are having to ration their insulin because they believe it is better than having no insulin at all. But in reality, they are both bad ideas and not recommended by doctors, according to the American Diabetes Association.

College students who have Type-1 diabetes have voiced concerns because they already worry about school, working and paying for other personal necessaries. The skyrocketing prices of insulin is making it hard for some college diabetics to survive.

Insulin prices can cost as much as $300 with insurance for a 90-day supply and can range from $900 or more without insurance.

According to Medpage Today, Humalog was $21 a vial in 1996 and by 2017, it cost $275 for a 1-month supply.

Stories of young Type-1 diabetics losing their lives over rationing their insulin has made headlines recently. One headline is about Nicole Smith-Holt, a mother who lost her son three days before his payday because he couldn't afford his insulin.

“Although the prices have not directly affected me yet, I have made Type-1 diabetic friends who have gone days without insulin because they cannot afford it.” says Peyton Bernhardt a student who attends Mercer University, “ The diabetic friends I have made have been kicked off their family insurance and it scares me because I am currently paying $20 for a vial of insulin which will then be over $100 for a vial once I get kicked off my parents’ insurance and I won't be able to afford that at all.”

Type-1 diabetics are unable to afford insulin which leads them to ration insulin which results in them dying at a higher rate.

“It is super stressful because my family cannot help me a lot of the time,” says Ruelle Fludd, a Florida A&M University student, “with the cost of supplies it can be very overwhelming to have to pay extra to live. I think it is completely unnecessary for the price raise especially if the formula have not changed.”

Type-1 diabetics can request a less effective insulin from  Walmart or a more friendly insulin pharmacy distributor for cheaper until they can afford the more effective insulin.