A bar exclusively for queens

The Wig Bar recently opened in Railroad Square Art Park.
Photo Submitted by Kha'Mari Mitchell.

Queens Wear Crowns is a brand Shani Conoly created in January 2017. It’s also a motto she wants to spread around the world.

To service all hair needs for women all over she recently opened The Wig Bar in Railroad Square Art Park, an exclusive salon specializing in everything wig related. With a lash technician set up as well, Conoly offers each queen a glamorous experience.

Hair started out as something that Conoly just enjoyed doing because her real love was volleyball. Growing up she learned coloring techniques and quick hairstyles here and there from her cousin, who attended Paul Mitchell hair school, wanting to expand her knowledge on hair attending a cosmetology school was in the back of her head but her scholarship for volleyball took her to Florida State College at Jacksonville and then Tuskegee University.

“My senior year in high school I was a D1 prospect, but then I tore my ACL six weeks into the season. I was straight getting rejection letters. It was almost more of a miracle that I could still go play and get recruited twice,” Conoly says.

Giving all credit to volleyball for making her the outgoing person that her clients know and love, Conoly remembers being bullied in middle school for something as simple as her height. She wants to help all her clients, but especially children dealing with hair loss because she knows how it feels to be bullied for something that’s uncontrollable.

“My dad 6-9 so I was 5-10, 5-11 in middle school and being a young girl it was hard being called giraffe and being bullied in general and I had a head full of hair so I can only imagine what girls that deal with not having hair go through. Kids are mean,” Conoly said.

DeAnne-Monet Samuel, the lash technician at The Wig Bar, says working at the salon and meeting Conoly was really a bonus because she only came to Tallahassee for school.

“What brought me to Tallahassee was school and literally just school,” said Samuel. “Doing lashes is my job for now but it is my passion and hobby as well, I enjoy working in the shop it's always a fun time.”

The Wig Bar is located at 623 Industrial Drive in Railroad Square Art Park, in between   Florida A&M and Florida State University. All wig needs can be found on Instagram @thewigbaroffical and online as well.