Graduate student is a business guru

Emmanuel Manhiri graduating from Florida A&M with his MBA in December.
Photo Submitted by Brian King.

Emmanuel Manhiri was born in Zimbabwe. At the age of 2, his family moved to London.

Manhiri, a graduate student at Florida A&M, values education and believes it to be a critical asset.

Growing up in the United Kingdom, he attended the University of Manchester, from which he obtained his bachelor’s in music and communications. He has lived in the United States for the last two years but had visited the U.S. many times before. 

Manhiri has owned numerous companies, including a music consulting firm called E-Music Consulting; a market strategy firm named 24 By Design; as well as owning minor and major stake ownerships in other companies in technology, a law firm, and in media.

A client, Tristan Owens, the president of Refuel Athletics, said,

“Emmanuel is the epitome of an astute business strategist. His ambition, knowledge, and focus are contagious. He is the catalyst in this process of making my vision come to life.”   

Manhiri chose FAMU after David Jackson, Jr., FAMU’s dean of graduate studies, recruited him while he was considering other universities.

FAMU gave him the freedom to study business while working with the Department of Music and the unique culture being more appealing to him than the other schools he was considering.

Kiera Joiner, a former classmate of Manhiri’s and a recent graduate of FAMU, spoke about her friend’s work ethic saying.

“His work ethic is very impressive. When he has a task to complete he’s very dedicated to it, almost to the point of obsession. He will wake up early and stay up later and do whatever he needs to do to finish it and it’s always well done and I really think that’s been one of the keys to the success that he’s achieved for himself up until this point. He’s one of the hardest workers I know.”

Manhiri has recently graduated from FAMU with a master’s in business administration from the School of Business and Industry. After graduating from FAMU the second time with a master’s in supply chain management, he plans to continue to run his companies while pursuing a doctorate in strategic management and entrepreneurship.

Since he has been on campus Manhiri has been involved in organizations in the community and within the walls of FAMU. Some advice Manhiri wanted to share was,

“The real power comes from being able to articulate your creative or non-creative ideas, being able to build personal relationships and understanding people — all of these things are what you are equipped with at the right school and in the right program.

“So, pick the school that will give you that and provide opportunities for you to grow,” he added.