FAMU alum returns to host movie premiere of ‘Canal Street’

Co-excutive Kevin Mullens (pictured left) looks on as FAMU alum and music producer Amir Windom discusses the new film "Canal Street." 
Photo Submitted by Christian Whitaker.

Renowned music producer and Florida A&M University Alumnus, Amir Windom returned on Tuesday, Jan. 22 to the School of Journalism and Graphic Communication to inspire the next generation while hosting a premiere for his latest movie, “Canal Street.”

In addition to being a 2008 graduate of the SJGC, Windom is also a seven-time Grammy award winning music producer; A career that he has worked towards since his time spent at FAMU.  

“They gave me a sense of humility and confidence,” recalled Windom. “I was that student that sometimes needed that extra push and I know that extra push is what pushed me into where I’m at now. I don’t forget that.”

Windom along with his co-executive Kevin Mullens visited several classrooms Tuesday afternoon to promote “Canal Street” and offer advice to aspiring filmmakers.

“Canal Street” which released in theatres over the Martin Luther King, Jr. holiday weekend serves as a powerful message religiously and socially to all audiences. Windom says it is a movie of faith, unity, and love and wants the takeaway to be the idea that love is gained through unity and faith which is colorless.

Along with many students being able to relate to the characters of the film, they can also relate to Windom who is the music supervisor and executive producer. Windom says he is grateful to the people at FAMU who have invested in him, killed the mediocrity within him, and helped.

“I come here all the time and it’s because I really don’t forget where I came from,” said Windom. “I don’t have to be reminded.”

Detroyia Hardy, senior public relations major said she was positively impacted by Windom and Mullens speaking during her PR Research and Strategies Course.

“Being a graduating senior, I cannot help but think of life after graduation. Hearing how Amir was a student and worked in the entertainment industry at the same time gave me hope,” said Hardy.  “Windom is an example of the kind of professionals the SJGC produces. His visit as a FAMU SJGC Alumnus shows current students that they too can be in his shoes."

“Canal Street” producers involved themselves with various activities while visiting campus. Windom, who returns to FAMU regularly, spoke to classes apart of the SJGC, Sybil C. Mobley School of Business and Industry, and the Foster-Tanner Music Department.

A’nire Glenn is another graduating public relations major who agreed that having Windom and Mullens visit class was very encouraging.

“While they spoke, I felt very capable and inspired to believe in myself and my skills more,” said Glenn. “I also understood how important it is to prepare yourself and work hard towards your dreams. For the future, I am inspired to dream as big as possible; no matter what anyone else says.”  

Amongst being prepared and hardworking, Windom is passionate about inspiring young adults to aim towards success. He believes your age is insignificant because your hustle and skill is what determine your capabilities.

Former dean of SJGC and lifelong mother figure of Windom, Dr. Ann W. Kimbrough, says that this is his second time returning to FAMU’s campus to host a film screening. Although Windom is a frequent face and is always eager to support or mentor students, he rarely visits with motives to promote his own achievements.

“This is not his first time coming back. He’s always been interested, and he does it because he really cares about the students and mentoring them,” said Kimbrough. “He loves being involved in advancing young people, along with Will Packer and Rob Hardy. I commend him for returning to FAMU. He’s a lowkey guy with extraordinary personality.”

Kimbrough unexpectedly but diligently assisted Windom with his visit to Tallahassee and most importantly, FAMU.

“I had done something similar as dean with ‘Almost Christmas’ for Will Packer. I looked back on what I generated from that and began getting a plan together,” said Kimbrough.

Although the “Canal Street” FAMU premiere was Windom’s second screening shared with FAMU, his role as executive producer enabled him to have a larger voice in where and how he devoted his time. Windom’s story from Rattler to rising star is an inspiration to all students as well as faculty and staff.

To learn more about “Canal Street” visit https://canalstreetmovie.com/

FAMU alum Amir Windom, School of Journalism & Graphic Communication Dean Michelle Ferrier and co-executive Kevin Mullens pose in front of the SJGC. Windom and Mullens visited the school to showcase the film "Canal Street."
Photo Submitted by Christian Whitaker.