Student Senate reviews funding requests

FAMU's Student Senate held a lengthy meeting on Wednesday.
Photo Submitted by D'Shai Wilkerson.

The FAMU Student Senate this week began allocating  Activity and Service (A&S) funds to student organizations on campus.

According to fee liaison Asia Strong, A&S fees are the fees that students pay in their tuition that totals to $10.50 per credit hour. A&S fees are used to fully fund the Campus Rec, OSA, student organizations, and one of the school year’s  most popular events, homecoming.

A&S fees are also used to pay salaries of campus entities such as the director of the campus rec.

Strong said that in order to receive monies, an organization must submit an allocation request through the SGA website which will go through the Organization and Finance Committee. If the request passes through committee, the bill will “hit” the floor and will either be passed or rejected by the Student Senate.

“Organizations that are available for special allocation have to be a registered organization through OSA for at least a year,” Strong said.

Senator Natalie Antenor said, “(Wednesday) the gallery witnessed an integral part within the special allocation process —Senators vetting organizations to ensure the proper use of funds. The special allocation process better serves smaller entities such as student organizations because they will receive 100 percent of what they are approved for within seven weeks of the approval (within the same academic semester).”

Senator Jacquez Dumas says A&S fees are put into a pot for different events, and services such as allocating money to organization so that they may provide a service to the community or student body itself.

Antenor says that organizations such as Big Sister Little Sister, Collegiate 100, The Strikers, and many more have asked for funding.

According to Antenor, The Strikers are asking for funds to cover expenditures associated with their 30th annual spring excursion. Big Sister Little Sister (BSLS) is asking for funding for materials that would enhance the experience of their annual youth women empowerment symposium.

The FAMU Chapter of Collegiate 100 is asking for funds to travel to their national organization’s conference, which will allow them to network and connect with various members of other Collegiate 100 chapters and various members of their parent organization 100 Black Men.

The FAMU chapter of NSBE, NICHE, MANNRS, and the Academy of Managed Care Pharmacy were all asking for funding for academic and professional development conferences.

Chairwoman Strong said, “A&S fees have covered multiple events on campus. A few of those events include, Senate on The Run, Strike Out Showcase, Be Out Day, homecoming events, and any event organized by SGA since we are solely funded by A&S fees.”