Finalists identified for VP of Audit & Compliance

The search committee for the vice president of Audit & Compliance met Friday.
Photo Submitted by Parris Lockley.

The search committee for the vice president of Audit & Compliance agreed on Friday on dates in early February to bring three candidates to FAMU for in-person interviews.

Richard Givens, the vice president of Audit & Compliance, is retiring. FAMU President Larry Robinson will make the final decision on who fills the position.

William Hudson, Jr., vice president for student affairs, chairs the committee. Members include SGA chief of staff Jabari Knox, Beverly Barrington, Kendra Green, associate athletic director, and faculty representative Desmond Stevens, a math professor. The committee represents a diverse group of individuals.

“We wanted representation of all aspects of the university present within this committee,” Hudson said.

Committee members discussed the rubric created around candidates’ audit experience along with personal diversity and knowledge of Florida law. Candidates were ranked based on a variety of factors, such as education, diversity, supervisory experience, audit experience, and collegiality.

Committee members agreed that they were looking for a candidate who can bring their experience along with knowledge of auditing in the state of Florida along with auditing on a national level to the university.

Auditing is something that is done on an annual basis for the state and university to make sure the university is abiding by the state and federal guidelines. “Having someone who is knowledgable about auditing along with the culture of FAMU is very important to the university. We’re looking for someone who can fulfill the needs of this position and serve as an advocate for the university,” Hudson said.

The following candidates have been invited to FAMU early next month: Lind C. Caprice, Joseph Maleszewski, and Patricia Manning.

All three have at least 20 years of audit experience and have worked locally within Florida. The candidates selected to move forward have received an invitation to visit and interviews. Interviews will take place with the university’s audit staff, faculty committee leaders and student leaders.

Interviews are set to take place inside of the student chambers and are open to faculty and students wishing to join.

Knox, the student government chief of staff, was chosen to represent the student body within this committee. Knox has been involved throughout the process and voiced his opinions and desires for the selected candidates. “I’m really big on organization and student budget,” said Knox. “I want someone who is understanding of FAMU’s vision, but who also has a willing heart to learn outside of our metrics to make sure the university and student body get the most qualified candidate for the position.”

Any student interested in voicing their concerns are encouraged to attend the next Student Senate meeting. Knox said he will talk about the committee’s work.

Campus interviews will be held on the following dates: Feb. 4, 6 and 7.