Program provides mentoring for local girls

Program provides mentoring for local girls.
Photo Submitted by Asia Collins.

With many after-school programs available in Tallahassee, it can be difficult for parents to choose the best fit for their child.

For young girls, molding them into successful women has to start at a young age, and keeping a stable support group around them can be crucial.

Dare to Dream Young Girls Network is an after-school program that welcomes girls ages 7 to 16. No matter the race, school or county she resides in, she is welcomed at Dare to Dream.

This program specifically targets young girls to assure that they have the brightest future possible. Founded in 2005 and celebrating 14 years, DTDYG has mentored and put countless girls on the right track to becoming flourishing women.

“These girls need a foundation. There is so much negativity that is in the world that can grab their attention that isn’t positive. So we try and give them that basic stability because when they have that foundation, they can fly anywhere,” said Pamela Mount, a volunteer and member of the board.

DTDYG has a professional business workshop for teens coming up that will give them the tools necessary for them to accomplish any goals that they may have.

Jamie Perrish, a former DTDYG member and volunteer, said, “Academics is the number one thing that we push, but we have activities that give them different experiences. We like to focus on things that they normally wouldn’t in school because of the population of schools. We just want to make sure they are well rounded.”

Add-ons like ready to read circles and having summer book lists benefit the girls and push their progression as students. Because the program isn’t as highly populated as a school, every girl receives the attention she requires.

“The girls in our program get exposure to opportunities, travel and experiences they don’t normally receive at home or in school. We want every girl in our program to have confidence and build a strong value system within themselves,” said Kimolyn Ferrell, founder and president, as stated on the DTDYG website.

On the rise, DTDYG has cooking and fashion events that are designed to not only allow the girls to have fun, but teach them basic aspects to being a woman; learning to cook and how to present themselves.

This company was built to enhance the success of young girls and produce the best women possible. Dare to Dream Young Girls is a company that highlights and prepares girls for the future.