FAMU grad growing her business

Shawn Nelson started her business while she was a student at FAMU.
Photo courtesy of Lipstickroyaltyimages.

Shawn Nelson is a self-made woman.

Nelson is the CEO and director of the Lipstickroyalty agency.  She is responsible for the company’s vision, mission and overall direction.

“I started this journey in college while attending FAMU and launched my business in 2013. I wanted to create opportunities for people who looked like me; people who are like-minded,” Nelson said.  

The Lipstickroyalty agency provides public relation services and brand management to female and minority entrepreneurs throughout the United States. Its focus is to place clients in positions to succeed.

Nelson has campaigned for several businesses, celebrities and entrepreneurs throughout the country. She also offers visual media, marketing, branding, management, content creation, and internships.

Recently, the Lipstickroyalty Agency and Dj Demp partnered to bring “Take Flight Sip and Paint” to Tallahassee. Take Flight took place at The Moon nightclub on the first Sunday in January and was part of Demp’s 22nd anniversary birthday celebration.

The event was designed to provide a platform for creatives to enjoy music and art while networking among like-minded people. Throughout Sip and Paint, young and upcoming artists were able to showcase their talent through music, poetry and creative artwork.

Poet Sabime Nemours said, “Being able to express myself through poetry in front of others is a creative outlet for me. I can express how I’m feeling through the sound of my voice and the words that I use for my pieces.”

Nemours performed a popular piece titled “Imagine” leaving the audience lost for words.    

With the help of her partner, Regina Smiley, Nelson’s business has been a success for the last six years. Smiley’s duties include documenting all events and campaigns under the Lipstickroyalty’s Agency using photography and videography and also managing financial records for the company.

“When I first met her, I did not know how much she would impact my life. Shawn is greater than great and if you do not know her, I suggest you get to know her because she’s definitely going places,” said Jocelyn Gunn.

For more information regarding internships, becoming an ambassador or general information about the Lipstickroyalty Agency, check out the agency’s website at www.thelipstickroyaltyagency.com.