She is killing the nail art game

Nyesha Williams is developing a following as a nail artist.
Photo Submitted by Kha'Mari Mitchell.

No one likes getting their nails done more than I do.”

Serena Williams

With a lot of Bling! Bling!, some funky shapes and a few wild colors, new nail trends have taken over and dominated the beauty industry.

Because nails are such a common and popular beauty routine for women of all ages and backgrounds this simple pick-me-up positively impacts a woman’s day.

Nyesha Williams, 28, is a nail art specialist in Tallahassee, who truly brings a certain glow out of each and every client. Born and raised in Fort Myers, Williams got her nails done so frequently in high school that her senior year

she ended up saying she could just do it herself.

“I was getting my nails done a whole lot so I figured to save money, man, I could do this myself,” Williams said.

Noticing that there weren’t a lot of African American women actually pursuing this profession, Williams wanted to be able to service women and girls just like her. Knowing exactly what her clients want and being able to relate to them  because she was once in their shoes is something that isn't offered at every nail salon. 

“I didn't see a lot of black girls doing nails when I first started, but seeing all the flashy and long nails I wanted to do their nails,” Williams said.

Starting a business is tough enough but imagine being a woman and African American on top of that. Nothing has been handed to Williams and it wasn't easy for her to get her foot in the door.

From people always telling her no or what she could and couldn't do, she knew that she would have to fight for her dream.

“From the very beginning I've been calling her my little hustler,” said mother Janice Padilla.

Staying positive and focused in an industry like nails and beauty has to be hard but Williams learned at a young age to keep pushing forward no matter what. In her childhood she realized from watching her mom that no matter the situation if the outcome isn’t positive just keep moving, don't focus on anything negative.

Having clients who speak highly of you and appreciate your talent is hard to find. Williams is building a clientele and servicing ladies from all over Tallahassee and even other parts of Florida. Seeing her work on social media is a highlight for Williams.

Ashley Culp, a satisfied customer of three months, also shared her thoughts about her experiences  with Williams.

“Not only did she do a good job on my birthday nails but they lasted over a month without any of them breaking. That’s amazing. I was really happy and continued to go back ever since,” Culp said.

Growing up Williams probably never imagined that she would be this amazing nail art specialist. But here she is killing the nail art game.