How to acquire a medical marijuana card

Courtesy of Florida Health.

Medical marijuana is a growing industry in Florida that has found its way to the capital city.

Amendment 2 went into effect in Florida in January 2017, allowing patients with a debilitating medical condition to obtain a prescription to purchase medical marijuana. But it’s only been somewhat recently that dispensaries have actually started opening up in Tallahassee.

With two operating dispensaries locally, many people over the age of limit may want to partake in the use of medical marijuana.

Now that stores are up and open for business, more and more residents are starting to wonder how to get a medical marijuana card in Florida. Fortunately, the process is pretty well organized and user-friendly, if you are a legal Florida resident and are in need of a Florida marijuana license.

The overall process of applying for and acquiring medical cannabis in Florida has mostly remained the same since the program began in 2017. After verifying residency the process to become legal medical marijuana card carrier goes as follows:

Getting a medical card first requires your medical records and a signed physician’s statement from your doctor. The doctor has to have a medical marijuana license in Florida, and must be registered in the state’s Medical Marijuana Use Registry.

In addition you must be a patient of the ordering doctor for at least three months prior to receiving a medical card recommendation.


Once you have found a qualified physician, you must send your complete medical history to their office, and make an appointment for a consultation. The physician will enter your name and information into the Florida Marijuana Use Registry. Applications can be submitted by your doctor, or you can submit them on your own behalf. You must be registered with the Compassionate Use Registry by the physician.

Once your doctor has approved you for medical marijuana use and you are in the registry, you can submit a completed application to the Office of Medical Marijuana Use. The physician’s office also can submit it on your behalf.

The submission of the application is by far the longest part of the process. In some cases the turnaround time can take months for the Department or Health to review your application and issue a Medical Marijuana Card regardless if all the paperwork is in order and done properly.

Mendal Weals has been medical marijuana cardholder for six months. She said the process took longer than it needed to.

“The experience was very easy but more than anything informative on exactly what comes with being a card holder.” There is a numerous amount of responsibility that comes along with being a cardholder. It’s more than just smoking marijuana and hanging out this is real medication for patients,” she said.