Community shred event a success

The Community Shred Day was a big success.
Photo Submitted by Carlin Trammel, Marketing Insights Specialist at First Commerce Credit Union. 

A wise man once said, “Shredding is the process of turning big paper into little paper.  Everything else is just details.”

Whether it’s your consumers or your own private information, keeping personal information protected is essential. Holding on to documents that are no longer needed which aren’t kept in a secure area, can pose a threat to your identity and can cause a data breach.

First Commerce Credit Union recently partnered with Secure Records Solutions to raise awareness and promote privacy protection by offering a community shred event.

The Community Shred Day took place on Friday, Jan. 11, from 12-2 pm, inviting the community to bring up to five bags of disposable worthy documents.  

SRS offers shredding events to different cities as a form of community service, education opportunity and protection for citizens in different communities. Its main focus is healthcare, personal offices, CPA firms, law firms, businesses and government offices.

SRS representative Anna Ligon said, “I have only been working here for about four months and I love what we do. Providing people with a secure option to get rid of old paperwork is the best way to prevent identity theft.”

Founded in 2003 by Powell Jones, SRS is a family-owned business that is rapidly growing. While working with hundreds of clients, its main focus is to determine a unique solution for each of their specific problems.

With the use of an industrial-grade shredder, paper particles are completely destroyed at ease.

“I love this event because members in the community can see their documents being shredded directly in front of them; they can smell it as well. This gives them a sense of security and shows them that shredding documents is much safer than tossing them in the garbage,” said FCCU bank teller Daniel Mancil.

FCCU partners with SRS in Tallahassee, Thomasville and Valdosta, GA. at their bank locations.

FAMU alumni and director of marketing at FCCU, Kriss Valesse, said, “The SRS mobile shredding truck holds over 7,000 pounds of shredded material which is great. Each time we hold this event, I look forward to giving back to the community.”

Valesse said: “We hold this event every few months, but you can expect to see us again in April on Earth Day.”