FSU students have their refund checks. Why don’t FAMU students?

Photo Courtesy of famu.edu

As Florida A&M University students transition into their second week of the spring semester, most are still checking their accounts waiting on their refund checks.

Meanwhile, the students at Florida State University have already received their reimbursements for the semester.

Jordan Gilliard, a sophomore SBI major, was not happy to learn that FSU students already had their financial aid money.

“It is an inconvenience due to somewhat being dependent on it,” she said. “I have rent, utilities, gas, credit cards, and other things that I need to pay. When my refund check doesn’t come when I need it, I end up having to ask family members for money to stay afloat.”

According to the FAMU Office of the Controller’s website, financial aid refunds get processed weekly on Mondays. According to federal guidelines, students are supposed to get their refunds no later than 14 calendar days after the financial aid disbursement has been posted to their account. The only way the student will get a refund is if their financial aid disbursement exceeds all their university charges.

FSU student Courtland Brunson, a graduating communications major, said, “With getting my refund check in advance, I’m able to pay my rent, plan out my bills, any trips I want to have, as well as any miscellaneous finances ahead of time.”

At FSU’s Student Business Center, it is noted on the website that refunds are disbursed almost every Tuesday and Thursday for people who have general credit balances on their account; as well as Monday, Wednesday, and Friday for financial aid credit balances throughout the semester. Typically, financial aid refunds are disbursed at FSU up to 10 days before the first day of classes, during the first week of classes, and every Tuesday and Thursday thereafter for the remainder of the semester.

So, the question that many FAMU students are asking is, “Why is FAMU so late in processing refund checks?,” A representative from financial aid, who wished to remain anonymous, said, “It usually takes some time due to add/drop week being the first week of school, students having an attendance hold on their accounts, and students having trouble with registering for classes. We try to process everyone’s reimbursement checks at the same time.”

If you want to receive your refund check a little sooner, here are a few tips: make sure you register for classes early, attend your classes on time to remove the attendance hold from your account, and sign up for direct deposit via iRattler. If students have questions concerning their refunds they are encouraged to contact the financial aid office.