FAMU student getting ready to launch app

Roderick Wilkins is never far from a computer.
Photo Submitted by Roderick Wilkins.

Roderick Wilkins is a creative genius.

A graduating senior from Quincy, the information technology major is  

planning to launch an app that caters to helping first time in college minority students build communities.

Wilkins and two other interns that he met over the summer working at Intel in Oregon came up with the idea to launch this new app. Wilkins has previously had his hand in designing graphics for several apps.

Wilkins said that the inspiration behind creating this app was after he attended the Hack-A-Thon at Twitter this past summer. He was part of a program called “Code 240” that helped minority students get adjusted to college better.

“I was a part of a program that better helped me adjust to college. There are a lot of minority students who are the first in their family to attend college. Sometimes they will have questions and concerns that they can’t voice to anyone in their family because they’ve never attended college before. The purpose of this app is to help them become more accustomed,” Wilkins said.

Crenel Francis, his Collegiate 100 brother, admires his creativity.

“He definitely thinks outside of the box. His mind is always thinking of new ways to create. It’s admiring to say the least,” said Francis.

Wilkins has said that he and the two interns are planning to do the testing launch in May. The official launch is set to happen in August when the new academic year begins.

“We were planning to launch the app this month for the new semester but it’s hard when the creators live on opposite sides of the country. It’s only three of us working on it so we’re trying to be as diligent as possible. Also we’re all still students,” said Wilkins.

Emani Green, a long-time college friend, had a few words to say about Wilkins and his work ethic.

“Rod is a person who works tirelessly to perfect whatever he does. He’s always revising his work to improve upon it, not for the approval of others but for the consistent desire of growth,” said Green.

Wilkins hopes to improve the retention rate with this app. The purpose of the app is to be a support group and safe place. The app will allow you to search for different groups whether it be LGBTQ or just a group that helps relieve stress, anxiety, or depression. The app will be open to the public but is mainly targeted toward minority first generation students.