Last minute surprise pep rally

Students slowly gathered outside of the Jake Gaither Gymnasium last night to celebrate the beginning of the season for Florida A&M University’s (FAMU) MEAC winning basketball  and cross country teams.

The pep rally began a little past 7pm by the sound of the Marching 100. Christian Miley, a Freshman Saxophonist in the Marching 100 confessed the reason for his tardiness “I found out about the event just 2 days ago.” Like many students, Miley saw the advertisement on social media.

Amber Hannah, Secretary of Athletic Affairs explained the process of publicising this student rally “We attempted to advertise the pep rally like we have done in the past. A flyer is created and then sent out to the SGA to approve and post on social media” However, this year, the pep rally came as a surprise to many students leading to an abnormal turnout.

Just one week before the pep rally, FAMU celebrated the inauguration of President Robinson and  Thanksgiving break. Hannah explains that the event was planned prior to Thanksgiving. “The students were supposed to post the flyer on their social media accounts as usual. However,Thanksgiving holiday came as an interruption.” A testament to the outcome of the crowd.

SGA stood waiting for approval from the university after the break, another unforeseen dilemma causing a late start to publicising the flyers on social media.

Freshman Attendee Franklin Jones hinted at the event being of late notice to him, yet enjoying himself and his classmates “I found out on Twitter over the weekend. I saw some of my classmates coming so I came but a lot of people did not know about it.”

Gaither gym received a full crowd but not it's usual packed house. Students were excited but also perplexed at the turn out.

Miley commented referring to the vibrant energy of the crowd “I would've liked to know about it sooner but students who did not have to study came looking for something to do. I'm in the band, I was gonna come regardless.” With finals right around the corner and a cold front array

Hannah showed empathy for the students who did have to study.

Keeping academics as a priority “Most students are studying hard so I understand, the freshmen showed up in numbers!" says Hannah while some were able to enjoy student activities.

Although the pep rally received little publicity, students who were in attendance still showed their pride. “Yeah FAMU ‘22 is a family so if they turn up I'm coming out to turn up to!” claimed freshman Franklin Jones.

Despite difficulties, the band played, the crowd roared, the Greeks strolled, and Florida A&M University's Basketball  and Cross Country teams were blessed with adornment as they begin the season.