Burney Robinson hopes to return to the basketball court

 Florida A&M's women's basketball center, Shalaunda Burney Robinson.
Photo Submitted by Shalaunda Burney Robinson.

Do not count Shalaunda Burney Robinson out. The 6-foot, 3-inch center on the FAMU women’s basketball team tore her ACL again at the end of last season. Now she is back at practice and plans on making a comeback this season.

Her basketball journey began when she played for a park and recreation center for two years at age 9.  

She started playing ball again in high school, where she learned more about the sport and her role on the basketball team.

Not only does her height make her stand out, but her skills as well. During her junior and senior year at Pete Knight High, she became Co-MVP of the league and MVP of the league.

Burney Robinson spoke about why she enjoys playing basketball. “I like teamwork, connections you build, meeting new people, competitiveness … learning and growing with your teammates.”

While breaking nine records in high school, she became one of the best players in her conference. The Palmdale, California native ended up receiving a scholarship to play basketball for Florida A&M University.

During the 2016-2017 basketball season, her field goal percentage was 53.3.

Not only does Burney Robinson like to cook and play the piano, but she is a graduate student pursuing her master’s in psychology. After graduating from college she hopes to play professional basketball overseas. Eventually, she plans on going back to college to get her doctoral degree.

“My overall goal is to own a business and create parks and recs counseling center that includes sports, college prep classes, tutoring, mentoring, and dance classes to help kids mentally and physically,”  Burney Robinson said.

The FAMU women’s basketball center wants to make a name for herself. That’s why she strives to be the best she can be.

Korteece Baker, a transfer student and Burney Robinson's significant other, has known her for eight years. He describes her as being “beautiful, happy, strong, independent, an energetic woman who is very determined to be the best at everything she sets her mind to.”

Taylor Darks, teammate of Burney Robinson, talks about what she has learned from her. “She’s taught me to keep my head up, even when things aren’t going so well.” Darks added, she’s also taught her how to be content.

Florida A&M’s basketball fans are looking forward to seeing the No. 40 jersey back on the court this season.

“Even though I have torn both of my ACLs I’m still fighting; and even though this is my last year I’m going to make the best out of it,” Burney Robinson said.

With this being her last year playing for the green and orange, she knows a small setback makes for a greater comeback.