FAMULY Talks debuts

FAMULY Talks cast: Josh Mikkel (Left) Adriana Alexander, Nya Bryanna, Michael Solomon, Lyric Porter (Right). 
Photo submitted by Jazzmin Riles

FAMULY Talks, a Florida A&M University original talk show filmed in front of a live audience, made its debut Saturday.  The cast includes Lyric Porter, Nya Bryanna, Adriana Alexander, Josh Mikkel and Michael Solomon.

In episode two of FAMULY Talks, the cast discussed the importance of physical and mental health. The topics ranged from daily morning routines to adopting healthier diets to help lower the rate of health risks.

Bryanna kicked off the discussion, asking her co-stars to explain their morning routines.

“According to Entrepreneur Magazine, your morning routine can set you up for massive success. I don’t know about you guys, but I can definitely attest to this. If I don’t have my coffee, if I don’t pray, if I don’t listen to my gospel in the morning, then I can’t function throughout the day,” said Bryanna. “So my question to you guys is, do you have a morning routine?”

Porter was the first to admit that she doesn’t have any set routine to start her day. The rest of the cast quickly agreed with Porter, but Solomon said that he at least tries to incorporate meditation into his morning.

Some form of cancer affects many African Americans. African-Americans are more affected by this disease than any other race. One in six African-American men will develop prostate cancer in his lifetime, according to the American Cancer Society.

The cast shared their views of what can be done within the African-American community to help decrease the risks of cancer and other potentially deadly diseases.

“I’m on a stance where I feel like we need to put an emphasis on health in our community. You’ve seen the statistics, we are highest for certain illnesses,” said Solomon.

The last segment of the show was about entrepreneurship and students on campus who are business owners. Evolve Streetwear, Fix My Sole and Great Plates are a few of the businesses that were highlighted, as well as Kcmcreationz.

Kiria Murray, FAMU student entrepreneur also known as the “Yoni Fairy,” was a special guest on the episode.

Murray’s company, Kcmcreationz, specializes in holistic products, which include: yoni steams, king steams, sage sticks, facemasks and teas. Suffering from severe pains during her menstrual cycle led to the start of her company and find ways to treat her pain naturally.

“I started to research natural ways to aid our periods, and help our premenstrual cycles. I found tons of natural remedies and herbs and all kinds of things that you can use to replace medicine,” said Murray.

Murray’s products are not just catered to women but men as well. The “King Steam” is a mixture of five different herbs, created for men to help promote sperm production, hair growth, and prostate health. The same steaming process that is used for the yoni steam is used for the king steam.