FAMU Alumna celebrates one-year anniversary of app launch

FAMU alumna Shelby Tinsley is the CEO and Founder of the daily affirmation app "iShallBe."
Photo courtesy of Shelby Tinsley

It was at Florida A&M University that alumna Shelby Tinsley discovered her ability to creatively transform lives. Tinsley is now celebrating the first anniversary of her app “iShallBe.”

“iShallBe” is a daily affirmation app. This inspirational app has created a platform for all who use it to speak positive things into existence, it encourages users to share their weekly affirmations, also known as their “iShallBe Statement,” every Sunday.

“This time last year, I was having an anxiety attack because ‘iShallBe’ was constantly getting rejected by the App Store,” said Tinsley. “One year later, we have over 1000 users and downloads in eight different countries.

The “iShallBe” app serves as a motivational accountability partner to the user by providing inspirational and motivational quotes, videos, and messages. It has been downloaded over 800 times in major locations including the United States, Nigeria, Canada, Barbados, China, The Netherlands, The United Kingdom, and Mexico.

Tinsley created the “iShallBe” app with the desire to help others in need of encouragement to push through trials and tribulations and the supply nourishment to both the mind and soul.

‘IShallBe’ has become more than just a daily affirmation app,” explained Tinsley. “It’s a lifestyle with a mission to encourage all people speak nothing but positivity into existence.”

Tinsley has had many years of experience with creating opportunities by connecting words and people.  

Her work experience with initiatives that were centered on active learning, classroom methodology, and STEM gave her the inspiration and rationale to create and build this app.

As a young leader in the technology industry and one of the youngest women of color to design and launch an app of this kind, TInsley has continued to be firm in her approach to help others ensure that their thoughts become their reality.

She has been featured in publications such as “AfroTech,” “The Source Magazine” and “Exist Detroit” just to name a few.

The average age of “iShallBe” users is between 25 and 34 years old with just over 50% being female and a little over 48% being male.

In addition to affirmations, the app also has other key features that users can enjoy such as the Interactive Timeline, “iShallBe” custom videos and the Goal Tracker

Every day users of “iShallBe” will receive a notification to help keep them inspired and motivated a little different from the day before to help them overcome any and all obstacles that they meet.

Monday is Motivational Monday. On Tuesday users receive a tune of the day. On Wednesday users receive a notification containing wise words. On Thursday the app will encourage users to treat themselves and Friday it will prompt users to go into their day with unwavering faith over any fears they may have.

In the future, Tinsley will be expanding the app to include more features and reach more people.

Those interested in being a part of the affirming “iShallBe” movement can download the app in the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store, and follow via social media.

To learn more about the “iShallBe” visit @ishallbe__ on Instagram and Twitter and http://www.ishallbe.co/.