Los Compadres Express is a quality eating experience

A delicious dish at Los Compadres Express.
Photo submitted by Kendall Harris.

Los Compadres Express brought a fresh new Mexican flavor to the Southwood community of Tallahassee just a year ago in 2017.

Once I arrived and tasted the food and drinks, I knew that this would not only become a favorite hangout of sorts for me. This was a restaurant I would spread the word of to anyone looking for a tasty but inexpensive place to eat or have a couple of drinks.

The owner of Los Compadres Express, Chuy Zamarripa, said, “Customers can expect fresh ingredients, freshly made food that is always cooked on the spot and a top-notch, quality experience.” Zamarripa continued “Our chicken quesadillas and tacos are among our most popular foods on the menu.”

Not to be confused with the Los Compadres on the west side of the city on Pensacola Street, this restaurant located at 2431 Barcelona Lane gives an exciting, vibrant ambiance as soon as you enter the parking lot.  

Once you walk in, the décor makes it hard to believe that it used to be a Burger King. The booth-style seat cushions have all been changed to a bright bubbly design, and there are posters and fixtures placed on the walls that show the many aspects of Mexican culture.

A wooden patio wraps around the front portion of the restaurant. It is a very popular spot when the weather is nice. It is complete with a plethora of tables as well as several bar-style seats. Friends and families can indulge in good conversation, quality time, a couple of drinks and the warm and crunchy complimentary chips and salsa all made fresh in store.

Upbeat Latin Pop music can be heard through the speakers both inside and out, and you can even request your favorite tunes while you enjoy your experience.

Taylor Kirby-James, a senior education student at Florida A&M University, said “When I come to Los Compadres Express with my friends, I feel free and that’s one of my favorite reasons I come here, in addition to the tacos and crazy fries which are divine.”

They have quesadillas, burritos, tacos, salads, rice bowls, crazy fries, chicken wings and nachos. All the menu items can be made any way you want with a wide range of veggies and proteins.

Los Compadres Express also sells alcoholic beverages. Their signature frozen margarita beverages come in five fruity flavors: lime, raspberry, strawberry, mango and blue raspberry.

Tyrone Brooks, a frequent customer of the restaurant, said, “The owners and employees are always excited and friendly. They treat you as if they’ve known you for years when you walk into the establishment.”

In addition to all the great food and drinks, they have plenty of specials almost every day of the week.

Los Compadres is a unique restaurant where people of all ages can eat and enjoy. Interested customers can find out about specials and events taking place at the establishment through their Facebook page under Los Compadres Express as well as their Instagram account @loscompadresexpress.