‘Final Table’ a five-star cooking show

Photo courtesy of eatnorth.com

“The Final Table” is a new Netflix original global cooking competition series that features 24 of the best chefs from around the world, competing not for money but for a seat at the final table.

The table already seats nine famous chefs from each country visited throughout the competition. `

Two to three celebrities and food critics represent their countries by serving as judges for the competition. The ambassadors select one national dish their country is known for and the teams that complete the dishes the best move forward.

The bottom three teams that fail the main challenge will have a chance to redeem themselves by competing in the final plate challenge. In the final plate challenge, the well-known chef who has a seat at the table chooses one ingredient that the teams must utilize as the star of their dish. Two teams from the bottom three will move forward and one team will leave each show until the finale.

The exciting part of the show is the final plate challenges because the viewer gets to see the passion and different techniques the chefs put into what could possibly be their last dish for the competition.

The chefs competing on this show have diverse backgrounds and many accomplishments. Some chefs have received a James Beard Award, Michelin stars, trained in different countries, went to top culinary schools, and own restaurants.

Throughout the series the viewer gets to learn about the competing chefs’ backgrounds and culinary experiences, which helps viewers understand who they are and why they want to win.

The unique factor in “The Final Table” is the teams’ abilities to create one cohesive dish in one hour using their different skills and backgrounds. Most partners are from different countries, which makes the show more interesting to watch.

The final two teams left in the competition will compete individually for one spot at the final table. During the final challenge, the chefs create their signature dishes and the nine renowned chefs judge the dishes.

Passion, recognition, and challenges are what this show is all about. After watching the first season it is clear that there needs to be a second season. “The Final Table” could be a five-star cooking show.