The orchids are real at Thai Orchid

Thai spaghetti served with an orchid flower.
Photo Submitted by Jasmine Williams.

Thai Orchid and sushi bar is a new restaurant on the Parkway that features Thai and Japanese cuisines.

Previously, for 25 years before this restaurant became Thai Orchid, it was an Indian restaurant. It was renovated three months ago, according to the owner of the restaurant. He wanted to have this location because he wanted to keep expanding his restaurants in Tallahassee. Thai Orchid opened earlier this month.

The owner has another restaurant, Siam Sushi, which is located in the Lake Ella Plaza next to Publix.

It was a bit nerve-wracking at first because I had never eaten a raw dish. I swallowed my fears and entered the restaurant.

Thai Orchid welcomed me with a pleasant smile and hellos from the owner, chef, and waiter. They were playing modern piano music which made the atmosphere therapeutic. Thai Orchid would be great for going on a lunch date with your coworker or a friend.

After being seated I ordered a spring roll as an appetizer and for the main dish I ordered the  “Florida Sushi.” It contains tuna, cream cheese, and avocado. The way this restaurant presents the food is amazing. Each main dish comes with a food presentation of a live orchid flower on the right side of the plate.  

Unfortunately,  it turns out that I did not like the Florida sushi but I did like the spring roll appetizer. I do plan on going back to try some more Thai food instead of sushi.

Overall, it was a great experience. My waiter was engaged and eager because it was his first day working and my first time trying Thai Orchid. As of right now, they are low on staff so the owner was the designee for checking me and my colleague out once we had completed our meals.

The owner said he plans to keep expanding after another three months.