SGA plans to provide snacks during finals week

Senators listen to a committee's report during Monday's weekly meeting.
Photo submitted by Junon Jean

The Student Senate meeting on Monday had a different look, as SGA decorated the Senate chambers in teal to promote sexual assault awareness. The meeting was called to order at 6:12 p.m., and Senate President Rochard Moricette presided.

The internal development and select committee started off with proposing giving out snacks in Coleman Library around the time of finals week, as it has successfully been done for the past three years.

“It doesn’t just have to be snacks in Coleman,” said Moricette, “maybe we can do breakfast starters during finals week or something different.”

The student relations committee chairwoman, Taylor Young,spoke on behalf of the committee, explaining the decorations of the chambers correlating to sexual assault awareness. The Student Senate was also reminded that the Strike Out Showcase auditions are on Wednesday, so that a prosperous showcase can occur during the spring semester. 

“Please (publicize)it and spread the word as much as you can, so we can have a wonderful showcase in January,” Young said.

Young also spoke about the “Christmastime on the Quad” event on Dec. 5 and the expectations for it. 

Another proposal was suggested for possible use of the special allocation fund by Sen. Lamar. Project 118, a motion to make 118 meals for those who are less fortunate around Christmas, which was last done in the year 2000.

“Our job is to make bills to see change on campus,” said Senate Pro Tempore Jaelen Jackson. “It’s our job to write bills and make campus better. Anything that you see that you want to get done on campus, let’s write a bill about it, let’s make some change.”

During the meeting, other ideas and motions were mentioned, such as the semester event of “Cram Jam” possibly being done on Dec. 9, and Relay for Life, which was last done in the year 2016. Relay for Life will possibly be held during the spring semester.