Mission BBQ: Mission accomplished

Mission BBQ pays tribute to first responders on its walls.
Photo submitted by Elandra Fernandez

If you are craving some good ol’ barbecue but do not have the time to whip out the grill and cook it yourself, then Mission BBQ is the right spot for you.

Mission BBQ, located on South Magnolia Drive, strives to serve authentic barbeque made from the freshest, most delectable ingredients.

Nine years ago, Bill Kraus and Steve Newton, two friends who came up with a mission to honor America’s military, police officers, firefighters and other first responders. They then created a menu to develop that plan through a fast-casual concept.

Mission BBQ serves their food to you in a patriotic dining room filled with tributes to those who have made our country great.

This chain began in 2011 with only five locations, and now in 2018 it has expanded to 75 eateries across the United States.

From their slow-smoked pulled pork to their moist and mild salmon, from their green beans with bacon to their fresh cut French fries, Mission BBQ has a delicious menu that will make your mouth water as soon as you look at the first item.

Their menu is simple and effortless; they have sides, meats, drinks, sandwiches and combos all on one page for you to easily choose and order. If you have children, no worries, they also have a kid’s menu.

The minute you step inside the restaurant, you are welcomed with wonderful customer service. If you have never been here before, they will eagerly explain how the dining experience works.

You will then place your order at the counter and as soon as your meal is ready, they will call out your name.

I ordered pulled chicken with baked beans and mac & cheese. My entrée was flavorful and the portion size was plentiful.

Customers can choose their sauces ranging from Memphis belle to Georgia mustard, and expect to receive cornbread as a complimentary side.

Mission BBQ is in a close race to obtain the No. 1 spot for the best barbeque restaurant in town.

If you are looking for some good barbecue and have time to stop by this place, then mission accomplished.