New equipment in FAMU recreation center

FAMU Recreation Center graphics to display new equipment.
Photo courtesy of FAMU Recreation Center

Since the beginning of the fall semester, the Hansel Tookes Recreation Center has new items to offer to its members. The center has added cardio equipment, strength equipment, new flooring, sound systems, acoustical treatments and outdoor furniture.

Upon walking into the center, some of the first items you will find are the newest Insignia Series that is a part of the specialty featured products. This equipment is found to provide different exercise techniques to its users. These techniques include natural body movement with the feature of weight decisions on how to fulfill a full-body workout.

Michael Mathurin, marketing assistant since July, had the opportunity to market a majority of the equipment that came in. Mathurin recalled the equipment beginning to come into the recreation center at the end of June or the beginning of July. “Most of the equipment has come in, we are currently waiting on getting new flooring in December, when the semester is over.”

Mathurin said he enjoys working out with the new equipment. “I work out at the rec about five times a week. Preferably, I like to use the free weights and on occasion some of the machines. I enjoy using the row machine the most.”

The row machine provides an intense workout to improve upper-body strength. The exercises from this machine are expected to provide benefits of a stronger back and shoulders, posture improvement and reduces back pain.

An intern at the recreation center, Destiny Crawford, was eager to advertise the equipment that arrived earlier this year. “I had the opportunity to design different graphics and flyers for the equipment that arrived in the center. I was excited to see if my creative designs would lure more people to come to the center to utilize the equipment.”

The recreation center Instagram page displayed designs by Crawford of the pieces of equipment and new features that arrived such as: alpine climber, circuit series, cybex series, lateral trainer, recumbent trainer, synrgy 360xl, sparc and more.

To meet the needs of its members, this new equipment is up-to-date. One of the members, Ashley Williams elaborated on how useful the new materials are. “I have been in a need to stay on a tight schedule of working out, and the newest equipment allows me to stay on that schedule and I find everything very useful.”

The Hansel Tookes Recreation Center is located at 2101 Wahnish Way, can be contact at 850-599-3785. The newest additions and offers, on Instagram follow @famu_campus_rec.