It’s a good idea to start studying for finals now

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The end of the semester is right around the corner, which means it is time to study for those finals.

Finals week can be stressful for students given the fact that some of these exams determine if you are going to pass the class or not.

If you have not started studying yet, start now. There are several places you can study at Florida A&M University, starting with Coleman library.

Depending on if you are studying alone or in a group, there are several places you can go  that provide the perfect environment to perform well on your finals. Coleman library has four levels, each floor has rooms where you can meet up with your group or study individually.

“If I need the quiet environment, I would normally go to the third-floor annex, but if I just want to study and vibe, it would definitely be the fourth-floor annex,” said Joesph Godwin, a senior information technology major.

To make sure you are prepared for your exam, there are several things you can do to insure you pass your finals.

As of now, you should start asking your professor’s questions. These particular questions should be centered on any material that you had trouble learning while in that class.

Then, create your own study guide. Some teachers provide study guides, but some do not. Creating your own would help make the information more relatable to you.

If your classmates have study sessions, make sure to attend them. It can be helpful to study in groups given the fact that some people may understand certain material that you are not clear on and vice versa. This is beneficial because you will have a clear understanding on what you did not know.

“When I study for exams I like to organize group study sessions. I make flash cards and take practice tests,” said Jamaiya Huntley, a freshman nursing major at Albany State University.

Another way to help you study for exams is to start quizzing yourself. Try to think and create actual exam questions so you can set expectations of what you need to focus on.

Make flashcards and reorganize your notes. Outlining important concepts, dates, formulas and definitions can make it easier to understand.

“I like to rewrite my notes several times, writing stuff in blue and reading it out loud repeatedly. Study buddies help me, flash cards and putting pictures to whatever I have to study,” said Trevon Chance, a health administration major at Florida State College of Jacksonville.

Start studying now. You do not want to cram the night before your exams.

If you plan out your study schedule, you will almost always perform better. Pace yourself, stay well rested and most of all, make sure you’re having fun.