CMX Cinemas brings ‘wow factor’ to Tallahassee

Tallahassee’s newest movie theater provides homelike amenities.
Photo submitted by Jina Gilliam.

If you’ve ever wished you could visit your local theater and still enjoy the comforts of being at home, you’re in luck. Tallahassee is now home to a dine-in theater that strives to set itself apart from other theaters around town.

CMX Cinemas offers its guests the option of dining on typical moviegoer snacks as well as additional food and beverage items that are sure to make choosing a theater over binge watching at home, worth it. Dinner and a movie is taken to a new level as patrons are able to partake in a quality movie-going experience that is sure to leave a lasting impression.

Current Florida A&M University student Quincy Davis said it was his first time visiting a theater of this caliber and he was impressed. “My first impression of the theater was a surprise, I had never encountered a movie theater that offered such a different assortment of food.”

From cocktails, wine and beer to shrimp, sliders, salads, and dessert, CMX Cinemas is all about the wow factor.

The probability of falling asleep inside the theater is increased with the smorgasbord of food options. “I would definitely go back in the near future,” Davis said.

The at-home ambiance is enhanced with reclining seats and footrests so guests can get comfy while movie watching. If you’re wondering how one can enjoy the leisurely experience while lounging, trays are provided to make eating convenient. However, there are no servers to wait on you and you are still responsible for throwing away your own trash.

In comparison to other Tallahassee theaters, there is one downside to CMX Cinemas.  The theater offers a limited amount of movie selections versus traditional theaters that screen a diverse number of movies. When visiting the CMX website, only 10 movies are available to choose from though, the theater does offer a few special classic movie screenings on particular days and the option to purchase presale tickets on future movies.

There is an upside to working at CMX, according to cinema bartender Taquesha Robb. “I love working here, it only ever gets busy on Tuesdays and the weekends. It’s very fun. I love bartending in general so this is like my favorite place to be,” Robb said.

Even in the midst of bustle, guests don’t have to worry about standing in traditional ticket lines. They can purchase tickets online or visit the automated ticket teller to avoid crowds. Florida A&M University alumna Nechelle Davis said the theater was aesthetically pleasing to the eye, and up to date with new technologies. “I felt like it was more than a movie theater, it was a place to hang out as well.”  

CMX Cinemas is bringing the allure back to the movie-going experience.