Twitter Fingers

As the election is ending, Ron DeSantis and Andrew Gillum are both hoping to take the position of Rick Scott as Governor of Florida. Both candidates have put ample amount of time and hard work into their campaigns and now the time is finally here. Many people or situations can influence a campaign, but in today’s age it is getting very hard to compete with social media. 

President Trump has been expressing his dislike towards Gillum’s campaign on social media since August of this year. Shortly after Gillum became the first African American to win Florida’s gubernatorial primary debate, Trump wasted no time before he attacked Gillum on his Twitter page.

On August 29th, Trump made this tweet, “not only did Congressman Ron DeSantis easily win the Republican Primary, but his opponent in November is his biggest dream…a failed Socialist Mayor named Andrew Gillum who has allowed crime & many other problems to flourish in his city. This is not what Florida wants or needs!”

This confirmed Trump’s full support in DeSantis’s campaign. Gillum who has served as the mayor of Tallahassee since 2014 showed no signs of weakness. In response to Trump’s accusations and in defense of his city Gillum sent out a tweet of his own. 

It read, “what our state and country needs is decency, hope, and leadership.” He finished his tweet by sending a direct tweet to President Trump telling him to “@” him next time. 

Gillum went on to say that talking bad about Trump won’t do anything to help the lives of these citizens. His focus is on more important issues. In other words, there a much bigger fish to fry. 

Two months later, Trump shocked the media yet again. On October 20th, Trump took back to social media and made a headlining tweet to Ron DeSantis. The President tweeted, “@RonDesantis is working hard. A great Congressman and top student at Harvard and Yale, Ron will be a record setting governor for Florida. Rick Scott gave him tremendous foundations to further build on. His opponent runs one of the worst & corrupt cities in the USA!”

This tweet clearly being an indirect shot at Gillum caught the mayor’s attention. He quoted the tweet with a message of his own.  His response was short and sweet. It read, “When you lie about me from the most powerful office in the world and still don’t have the courage to ‘@’ me.”

This election has had a lot of highlights, but now today as the end approaches, this is both candidate’s last chance to prove themselves worthy. Only one will come out victorious. Twitter will have no say so in this year’s election. The only voice that matters is yours. Today is the last day, make your vote count!