FAMU loses to JSU to open season

FAMU guard Taylor Darks checking the clock in a game against SC State Spring 2018.
Sydney Vigille | The FAMUAN

The Florida A&M University women’s basketball team started their season off with a loss against Jacksonville State University 62-31 Tuesday night Nov. 6.

Rattlers Head coach LeDawn Gibson, stated that she was very disappointed with the outcome of the game. The team lost their point guard a couple of days into practice, which resulted in the shift of their lineup.

“We played pretty aggressive, but we just couldn’t find a lid,” said Gibson. “We got a lot of young girls, and they kind of got down but they have to learn to play through it.”

The Rattlers started off slow in the first quarter of the game, missing all of the shots they attempted while JSU racked up points. FAMU’s first points of the night came from freshman guard Keziah Dilworth. JSU player Brittany Webster then made the mistake of fouling Dilworth, giving FAMU two free throw shots. Dilworth split the pair, making only one of  two, finally putting points on the board for the Rattlers.

Following the free throws, the Rattlers began to pick up the tempo, however, it was no match to the swiftness of JSU defense ending the first quarter 13-7.

The Rattlers’ defense held JSU to a low score for most of the game but failed to capitalize on stops.

This year, the women’s basketball team is consisted of many young players, with over half of the team being freshmen.

Gibson stated that she thinks the Rattlers should have beat JSU, and she will be taking the team back to the drawing board.

According to junior guard Taylor Darks, the team has a lot of new talent and a lot of potential.

“I think improving our offensive execution is key,” said Darks when asked what key improvements the team can make.

Overall, the Rattlers shot 19.6 percent on field goals compared to the Gamecocks’ 37.9 percent.

“The girls are very energetic, and young so they do have some work to do,” said Rattler parent Lawrence Williams. “You could tell they were a little disjointed, but they tried to work together to finish on a positive note.”  

The Rattlers will take on Albany State next Tuesday, Nov. 13, at 6 p.m.