John Dailey declared winner in Tallahassee’s Mayoral Election

Courtesy of John Dailey’s Official Campaign Website
John Dailey is joined by his mother. 



John Dailey, who has served as a three-term Leon County Commissioner has come out victorious with 51.66 percent of the votes ahead of his opponent in the Tallahassee mayoral race. Dustin Daniels, Dailey’s opponent earned 48.34 percent of the votes with 152 out of 155 precincts accounted for.

As the election night unfolded and results poured in, voters agreed with Dailey’s perspective on restoring public trust and providing economic opportunities within the city of Tallahassee.

“Number one, we need to restore public trust in city hall. There’s a lot that is going on right now and I’ve got some ideas and specific policies that we can bring forward that increases transparency and gets more participation in City Hall,” Dailey said.

When it came to talking about economic opportunities and developments, Dailey expressed that he is looking into ways to expand the economic basis.

“We want to create new jobs, so that those who are graduating from college have opportunities to stay. But we also want to put people to work immediately. We’ve got a dire need for workforce training; whether it’s in the trades or heavy equipment for construction. There’s a lot of great opportunities and possibilities out there, but we need strong leadership to pull it together,” said Dailey.

With his victory, John Dailey will focus on having a municipal government and municipal services within the community. Dailey said that he feels like the Tallahassee community is hungry for a mayor who will focus on these things.

Brenda Jones, a resident of Tallahassee, said that Dailey has been a strong force to the Tallahassee community.

“I have been a citizen of Tallahassee for many years and I have seen the work that Dailey has done for our community and I am a lifetime supporter of him. He focuses on the needs of the citizens of Tallahassee versus the wants. We need a mayor like him,” said Jones.

Jones who is a single parent, also spoke about how one of Dailey’s focus points was about helping stabilize single-parent homes which affects her.

“It feels good to know that he is on our side and trying to help us out when it comes to being financially stable and with job security. I know he is steadily trying to improve the opportunities for us and he is also helping me form a better live for my children,” said Jones.

As mayor, Dailey will also be focusing on decreasing the crime rates within the city of Tallahassee. He will focus on putting more police officers on the streets, rebuild the trust within the communities and to also make sure our officers are protecting the citizens.

“I feel great. I’m excited and absolutely humbled that the citizens of Tallahassee have given me this awesome responsibility.” said Dailey after finding out about his win.

Dailey will be filling the shoes of his predecessor, Andrew Gillum, who was also runner up for the Governor of Florida.