Teach For America and Urban Teacher visit FAMU

Recruiters from Teach for America and Urban Teachers.
Photos submitted by Calvin Sykes

The FAMU Career Center hosted Teach for America and Urban Teachers, as the organizations sought to recruit Florida A&M students of all majors.

According to UrbanTeachers.org, it was founded by Jennifer Green and Christian Hall in 2009. The idea of Urban Teachers is to prepare highly talented teachers who can open doors to the future for city school children. With this idea, Urban Teachers develops and trains the best  teachers possible to combat the racial and socioeconomic inequality in inner city school districts.

Teach for America was founded on a belief in the potential of all children and their right to an excellent education. 

Both programs positively recruit new students to go into the education career path. There is a big difference between the two programs.

Urban Teacher allows the teachers to pursue a master’s in education from Johns Hopkins University.

Urban Teachers and Teach for America collaborated to host tabling sessions for careers and internships with both perspective companies.

Zae Finely, a Southeast Urban Teachers recruiter, believes that the collaboration was successful during this recruitment trip on Oct. 30-31.

“I feel that this was a successful recruitment l trip for [Teach for America and Urban Teachers].  Audrey and I recruit somewhat of the same type of students. I love recruiting at FAMU, so it is always a joy," said Finely.

According to Finely, they were able to recruit and schedule follow up meetings with about 175 students.

Audrey Williamson, manager of recruitment for Teach for America, has recruited FAMU students for the past two years. She said she has enjoyed every trip to FAMU because of the talented students.

“I appreciate the talent that FAMU students possess. FAMU students are versatile and very passionate about their futures. These are the things that Teach for America typically looks for in candidates,” said Williamson.

Alex Bracero, a senior business administration major, attended one of the tabling sessions. He described his experience as meaningful.

“My experience was very meaningful. Both programs positively affect communities that my friends come from really admirable. I would consider working for both companies,” said Bracero.

To find out more about Teach for America and Urban Teacher, visit their respective websites.