Taggart hands over play calling to Walt Bell after loss to NC State

After losing their second game in a row, the Seminoles might be in for a disaster.

Head coach Willie Taggart announced at his weekly press conference that he will turn over the play-calling to offensive coordinator Walt Bell, as Florida State continued to struggle against N.C. State, losing 28-47 on Saturday.

“You always evaluate your program, I’m not a big ego guy. I’m going to always do what is best for our program,” said Taggart. “Just because I give up plays doesn’t mean I’m not still involved in it. I’m still going to be involved in things and make suggestions when I need to.”

Taggart did not go into department about giving up play-calling, but one of the reasons he gave was that he felt he needed to spend more time on other areas evaluating the program.

“I felt like our coaches needed this. I felt like I could be more of help to our program by being involved with more and dividing my time in a lot of other areas to make sure that we’re where we need to be,” said Taggart.

“I didn’t think play-calling was necessarily an issue. I think it’s a lot of other things that needs to be addressed and taken care of in order for us to be who we need to be on the football field.”

Head coach Willie Taggart addressing media at his weekly press conference. 
Avery Jacobs | The FAMUAN 

It is clear that the Seminoles thus far are not giving their fans what they hoped for this year, and that is a winning season. With three ranked opponents ahead of their schedule, the Seminoles may be out of luck to secure a bowl game.

Despite the known history of Taggart quickly turning around programs, the Seminoles are obviously still struggling and have yet to find their identity late in the season.

“We understand that none of them came here to be in this situation, but we all are here, and we all have to work to get out of it and get it back to where we know it belongs,” said Taggart. “We all have to commit ourselves to being better at what we have to do. We have no one else to blame but ourselves."