Soriano brings veteran leadership to volleyball team

Florida A&M University Volleyball has eight international players on the team.

Players on the team come from various countries, including the Dominican Republic, Bulgaria, Turkey and Peru.

Pamela Soriano, a redshirt senior from the Dominican Republic, is one of the eight players who brings a different background to an already  diverse team.

Sariano’s passion for volleyball began at age10.  She has competed on the national level for Youth Dominican Republic National Team, Czech Republic Youth Team, and Dominican Republic National Team.  

“I’ve been playing volleyball for 13 years, and it has become a passion. [Volleyball] has become my life, and I can not do anything without volleyball,” said Soriano.

Soriano’s journey started at FAMU with the recommendation of her sister Andrea, a former FAMU volleyball player who paved the way for her to follow in her footsteps. Soriano says that it is a tough job following her sister’s footsteps.

“I got through because of my sister. Andrea played here and did a pretty good job, It has definitely been a good experience following her footsteps, but it requires a lot of hard work,” Soriano said.

Soriano’s was selected Freshman of the Year in the MEAC. The following year she battled a slew of injuries. Her biggest injury was a shoulder injury. She was forced to sit out her junior year and go home the following semester.

Gokhan Yilmaz, first-year head coach, wanted Soriano to return to the team because of the type of player she was on the court.

“[Soriano] is the type of person we want on the team as our forefront. She serves well in the role model position for the players. She adds value to the team as well as her knowledge of volleyball,” he said.

Yvett Garica says that team chemistry is significantly better because of the dynamic of the team with Soriano’s help.

“We really have like a good connection and good chemistry. It is definitely better,” said Garica.

According to Soriano, the important thing is that she will be able to leave as a graduate of Florida A&M.