FAMU college democrats keep students informed

The FAMU College Democrats work to inform students on the importance of being politically aware. 
Photo courtesy of FAMU College Democrats

After two years of absence on Florida A&M University’s campus, the FAMU College Democrats are back and hoping to make an even stronger impact on political engagement throughout the university.

The organization was officially re-chartered back in February of 2018 and have made voter registration and voter participation its mission since returning.

President of the organization and political science major Taylar Hall felt it was important to help students get informed about the political climate of today.

“We have spent the first half of this year registering students to vote and now that the voter’s registration deadline has passed, we are focused on getting students engaged especially with this upcoming election,” expressed Hall.

Hall furthered explained that because FAMU is a state funded institution located in the center of the capitol, students should feel compelled to exercise their voting rights because it affects not only themselves but their university as well. This is where their organization is able to take action.

“Our organization was founded to foster the political engagement on FAMU’s campus,” said Hall. “Our university is located in the capital of Florida where most of the decisions that affect us on a daily basis are made,” explained Hall. “So, it is important that we allow our voices to be heard not only in local issues but on behalf of our university as well.”

Since its resurgence, the organization has hosted many events to keep students engaged in the election. Some events include political forums with candidates running for local offices, a gubernatorial debate watch party between Mayor Andrew Gillum and Congressman Ron DeSantis, informational meetings highlighting the 12 constitutional amendments that will be on this upcoming election’s ballots and created a space for students to freely exercise their own political ideals and to educate others.

Political science major Bianca Dacres noted how the organization doesn’t shun students who may have different political views.

“I have always wanted to join an organization that shines a positive light on politics versus the negative connotation that seems to be placed on it [politics],” said Dacres. “When it comes to voting we do everything to get people up in order to go vote, no matter their political party.”

Keeping students politically aware and educating them on the issues that affect citizens on the local and national levels is one of the most important goals for the organization.

Political science major London Camel explained how students are able to become empowered through knowing current events.  

“I am registered Democrat and I am very into politics, so I joined an organization that catered to me,” said Camel. “We keep students informed and aware of what is going on politically in this country.”

The organization has also continued to express their support for Gillum, who serves as the Democratic nominee for Governor of Florida. With the general election approaching quickly, they do not plan on stopping anytime soon.