FAMU boxing club feels like a family

FAMU's boxing club doing some light punching bag work for practice.
Photo submitted by Bobby Rondil.

Florida A&M University is looking to take a jab into fitness with the introduction of the new FAMU Boxing Club.

The club is co-founded by third-year accounting major Tusun Young and FAMU alumnus and professional boxer Willie Ferrell, who is also the head coach of the club. When creating the boxing club, Ferrell wanted students to “mainly just build confidence” and to “learn the work ethic and the basics of boxing and of course to just have a good time.”

Ferrell who boasts a professional record of 4-0-1, also spoke on what someone can benefit from participating in the club.

“Not just giving myself the credit, I know they can benefit from someone who traveled around the world to fight. Learning from a three-time national champion and a two-time international champion a winning professional fighter.”

Club president Tusun Young, a Tallahassee native, wanted to create the boxing club to create a group that could bring attention to the sport, and help students feel a part of something. Young also explained how the boxing club was something very dear to him on a personal level. He wanted to use the club to affect the Tallahassee community positively.

“I have a few reasons. I box myself, and I transferred into FAMU kind of on the outside looking into everything. I wanted to start something where I could bring attention to the sport and build a boxing foundation on campus. A group where we could come together, have fun and grow as a little family.

“On a little more personal level I’m from Tallahassee, and I’m trying to demonstrate another positive outlet to the kids around here. Don’t want everyone to be, so Tunnel visioned on how to make it out.”

The family connection the club can make is seen in Dedrick Douglas, who is a third-year business major from Fort Myers. Douglas is not only a member of the club, but is also tasked with running the social admin page.  He was heavily recruited by the boxing club due to his vast experience in combative sports.

“I have dwelled in several martial artist styles with boxing being the first and holding black belts in several traditional styles,” said Douglas. He also is currently studying a system known as Bang Muay Thai which is “a kickboxing system created by Duane Ludwig and inspired by Bas Rutten” according to Douglas.

His experience allows him to help other members with certain drills, such as mitt sections that he holds during the afternoon hours. Douglas explained how easy it is to transfer fundamentals from martial arts to assist others

“Most fundamentals are universal as it relates to martial arts styles. Therefore, I can always offer a helpful hand for everyone. Fighting is fighting, and some people don’t know this, but boxing is a form of a martial art.”

If students are interested in joining the FAMU Boxing Club, they can contact Tusun Young at (850)-241-2238 or go on their Instagram page @FAMUBoxing. The club meets in the Hansel E. Tookes Sr. Student Recreation Center every Monday, Wednesday and Friday between 7-9 p.m.