Florida’s next governor: who I think will win the election

Corenda Bell | The FAMUAN

Florida is currently experiencing a chance to face issues, make changes, and elect a fair and qualified governor. I believe democratic candidate Andrew Gillum will win the election on Nov. 6.

Gillum currently leads the race for Florida governor against Trump-endorsed Republican Ron DeSantis.

With election day quickly approaching, early voting already taking place, and the candidates campaigning across the state, it is crucial for Florida citizens to get out and vote.

Andrew Gillum was elected the Florida Democratic candidate for governor on Aug. 28. This was a tremendous win for the democrats and the minorities of Florida.

Having a governor who can understand and relate to the specific needs of the state’s tax-paying residents, allows hope to shine for better benefits, higher minimum wage, laws and rights, etc.

Gillum’s platform caters to those issues and more.

For instance, one of Gillum’s beliefs is that those who pay their due after serving time in jail or prison, deserve a second chance. I can agree with this belief from knowing individuals who have fallen victim to the system.

One of Gillum’s first acts as Mayor was to help released offenders find jobs. I believe that he will continue this good dead when he becomes governor.

Also, Gillum wants to get rid of the inhumane immigration policies that Rick Scott has in place in support of Trump’s zero-tolerance policy that separates children from their families.

I support Gillum with this change because the immigration laws have not only become so inhumane, but also put a dent in the growth of our economy.

Immigrants play a vital role in our economy even just in Florida alone. Gillum has a plan to treat immigrants as humans with a policy where there is security and compassion for all immigrants.

Not only is Gillum racing to fight for immigrants, but also for students, teachers, and education.

Gillum believes in an education system that may provide better quality, higher wages for teachers, and fairness in all public institutions across the state.

As a student myself, I can stand behind this platform firmly. Making education fair in all public schools and colleges can bring a better future. If teachers were paid at a wage they deserved, children in public schools would be better shaped, molded, and prepared for their futures.

Elections are always key events for change and a chance for equality.

Florida needs a governor to fight for the rights, safety, and security for its residents. Andrew Gillum is the only candidate that will fight because he can relate to and understand the issues Floridians are faced with everyday.

It is time to stand up for our rights as a community. All of Florida’s voters need to come together as one and bring it home with a vote for Gillum.

Election day will be on Nov. 6 and I believe the odds are in Gillum’s favor.