48th student senate fills last few senator seats

The 48th student senate votes on senator.
Photo submitted by Princeton Studstill

The 48th student senate held its weekly meeting on Monday in the Senate Chambers. During the meeting there was a motion to confirm five new student senators: Natalie Antenor, Israel Chipman, David Liburd Jr, Dominique Alexis and Noah Harris.

Three out of five were sophomore senators and the remaining two were juniors. All senate seats are now filled.

“After serving in different capacities prior to the senate, it feels good to be a part of another organization that gives back to students,” said Harris. “I plan on executing my event ideas to hopefully join all the classes together.”

At the end of the agenda there was a two-minute open forum where members of the senate congratulated all newly confirmed senators. Members were also given a few motivational quotes and encouragement for all students to continue thriving in academics.

The senate also took time to discuss upcoming events that SGA will hold this week, such as the Pink out Carnival and the on-campus haunted house.

The lobbying and speaker’s forum, students shared a few upcoming events and asked for the support of students and senate members to attend.

Jeremiah Carter, a senior public relations major, informed the senate of the Brunch and Ballot voting informational event taking place on Nov. 2 from 11:30a.m. – 12:30p.m. in the Senate Chambers.

“I didn’t know anything about the Brunch and Ballot before tonight,” said sophomore graphic design major Michael Betancourt. “Once I heard it’s chicken and waffles, I got a lot more excited about it. But, nevertheless, everyone should come to support and get voting information.”

The senate also announced there are no extra funds available in the Fall 2018 semester for student organizations to request money to be allocated. Students are encouraged to wait until spring semester for further information.

In hopes to cut costs from the budget sheet, Senate President Rochard Moricette shared his initiative to purchase an official SGA speaker for any future events and create customized playlists for the enjoyment of the student body.

Prior to this investment SGA would regularly reach out to DJs such as DJ Loosekid and DJ Jam to provide music. In the long run, providing music for smaller events in-house would significantly cut down on the cost of hiring outside DJs.

Moricette concluded the meeting by opening the floor to nominate and vote for the Senator of the Month for October. After a close number of votes, Senator Taylor Young won the distinguishment.

“I have a genuine love and passion for everything I do within the 48th student senate,” said Young. “Having my peers nominate me, and even voting for me to win, is such an honor. I look forward to continuing to work hard and representing the association with dignity.”

The next SGA meeting will be held Nov. 15 at 6 p.m.  in the Senate Chambers.